With AvePoint’s Office 365 and SharePoint Consulting, you get a range of best practice planning & implementation enterprise services. Our team of experts are with you every step of the way to help you meet the toughest business requirements and gain value from your enterprise-wide business solutions and IT systems. AvePoint’s 10+ years of experience with more than 14,000 global organizations provides your organization with the expertise required to ensure success with any enterprise content management and collaboration initiative. Whether your organization is looking to get started with a migration into a new system or optimize existing resources by evaluating and course-correcting environment health and enterprise risk, AvePoint SharePoint Consulting can help you support your unique business requirements.


  • File shares still represent a significant investment for most organizations today as a document repository that supports collaboration functions, but the dark data that lives in these shares introduce challenges on three fronts:

    • How do you identify and purge redundant and obsolete documents that are of no real value?
    • How do you identify and secure files containing sensitive information?
    • How do you identify and properly retain electronic records to minimize e-discovery costs and corporate risk?

    Using our best-of-breed scanning and analysis tools, our SharePoint Consulting information management experts will help you discover and cleanse your file shares, and prepare you for your move to a true enterprise content management system.

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  • Migrate content, functions, and processes from legacy systems through our proven migration methodology that involves legacy system analysis, mapping of source to destination elements, configuration and execution of the migration, and validation of destination systems. This methodology provides organizations with:

    • Collaborative analysis of legacy systems' functions and features
    • Full-fidelity migration of legacy business applications and content to SharePoint
    • Expedient SharePoint migration with minimal business disruption
  • Whether your organization is looking to implement an intranet portal to enhance internal collaboration, an extranet to better communicate and collaborate externally, or a public-facing website, AvePoint’s SharePoint Consulting experts will provide full system design and implementation based on your unique business requirements.

    • Install and configure Microsoft Office 365 - SharePoint Online or SharePoint Server for essential collaboration initiatives
    • Architect SharePoint according to business requirements to support collaboration and document management
    • Ensure SharePoint implementations are configured to support organizational requirements today with the flexibility to scale in order to meet content and user growth expectations
    • Install and configure required AvePoint products to support the implementation
  • In order to mitigate risk and gain maximum value from SharePoint implementations, organizations must plan for governance as well as establish proven practices to enforce governance policies. AvePoint works with organizations to develop governance policies for infrastructure, operations, information management, information architecture, projects, leadership, customizations, adoption, and continuous improvement based on your business requirements.

    AvePoint SharePoint Consulting experts then work with organizations to design and implement a governable, well-managed architecture for both your environment and information.

  • For organizations looking to gain the most value from SharePoint and support continued growth while streamlining management, AvePoint’s SharePoint Consulting experts will:

    • Create custom monitoring, reporting, and administration tools
    • Ensure SharePoint infrastructure is aligned with organization-specific business needs
    • Design and implement operational governance policies
    • Help organizations manage and gain complete control of SharePoint implementations


    • Perform risk analysis and monitor exposure levels to determine effectiveness of existing controls
    • Provide detailed risk-level reports of content containing sensitive and personal data in order to locate offending content
    • Provide recommendations for resolving compliance violations
    • Implement a comprehensive risk management program to strengthen security and access controls, and mitigate risks of future breaches
    • Perform risk analysis and monitor exposure levels to determine effectiveness of existing controls
    • Provide detailed risk-level reports of content containing sensitive data and personal data in order to locate offending content and classify content appropriately
    • Provide recommendations for resolving compliance violations and migrating appropriate content to cloud-hosted environments
    • Execute migration of enterprise-wide content to cloud hosted or on-premises environments as required


  • AvePoint’s SharePoint Consulting experts work with organizations to design and implement custom business solutions to streamline business processes. Whether your organization is looking to streamline HR processes by automating new hire, time off, or compliant submission requests, or you’re looking to enhance account management and reporting with integration with CRM or other data systems, AvePoint SharePoint Consultants help you maximize existing SharePoint investments.

  • In order to establish an effective content and records management lifecycle, AvePoint SharePoint Consulting provides:

    • Analysis of existing data and content usage
    • Reporting and monitoring system design and implementation
    • Architecting and implementing full records management and storage optimization systems
  • Build custom applications utilizing underlying Microsoft technologies to suit specific business needs with our services for:

    • Analyzing existing business processes and applications
    • Building custom applications tailored to specific needs
    • Enabling business processes in line with established objectives


  • AvePoint’s Technical Account Management (TAM) services provide the technical and business resources required to fully optimize the benefits of AvePoint solutions. Supplement your internal IT management resources with AvePoint’s Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists for assistance in helping you better manage all technical environments by providing:

    • Monthly performance status reports
    • On-site and remote AvePoint Training and Education
    • SharePoint architecture reviews and best practices guidance