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Innovative Business solutions to help your government agency or organization

Modern Solutions for Today’s Demands

Customers and citizens increasingly expect better service experiences – including 24/7 and mobile access, more transparency, and multiple communication channels – from their government and private sector organizations.

Do New with Less to Transform Your Organization.

To meet these demands and ensure a high quality of service, AvePoint delivers innovative solutions to drive engagement and modernize business processes across devices and systems.  

What can AvePoint’s Innovative Business Solutions do for you?

Give your customers, citizens, and staff a voice – from any device at any time – while modernizing stale, paper-based business processes with AvePoint Innovative Business Solutions.

AvePoint helps organizations at all levels improve citizen and customer satisfaction by improving access, communicating better, and responding faster and more efficiently.


Open the lines of communication with a unified platform. Be accessible to your stakeholders. Respond to inquiries with ease. Empower your stakeholders to take action and become involved. Grant visibility and build trust. Improve operational efficiency and accuracy of service delivery.


Transform your operations. Retire inefficient, manual or paper-based systems and processes. Give organizations the tools required to face mounting workloads. Avoid delays due to human error and outdated information.

Modernization results in well-managed information that’s easy to find, shared securely, and used to drive success.

Learn How AvePoint Developed a Platform for Combating Human Trafficking with International Organization for Migration (IOM), Microsoft ,& AvePoint Citizen Services

“Through our work with IOM and AvePoint, we hope to better the lives of these trafficking victims during their travels home, as well as the years following.”

- Stefan Sjöström, Vice President for Public Sector, Microsoft Asia