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Stop Wasting Time and Money

Migrations are complex projects. If you think you’re just going to move data from one place to another, you will migrate worthless content with a high risk of failure.

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Of migrations take longer than expected

Redundant in Current Deployment.

Of migrations result in business disruptions

Take Longer than Expected.

Of content in a current deployment is redundant

Will Exceed Budget and/or Result in Business Disruptions.

Most Migrations Are Not Simple.

Choosing simple tools may seem like a smart move. But, if the toolkit doesn’t address all Office 365 and SharePoint migration challenges, you will fail. You will either go over time and budget or cause business disruptions.

Measure Twice, Cut Once.

When done right, migration offers you a positive opportunity for change. The right solution will solve each stage of the project – from pruning out old and redundant content with discovery tools, to minimizing business impact with job scheduling, and finally validating the success of the project with reporting.

The Expert Approach

The Expert Approach

Don’t just move data. Bring positive change to how you work. Refresh your business with cleaner data, smarter policies, and more effective processes.


Before your Office 365 or SharePoint migration, understand your scope, fix potential failures, and ensure every migration is fully compliant with tools to help inventory, tag, and classify content.

Discovery Tool

Report on current environment structure and content before your migration, as well as identify potential issues.

For SharePoint and Office 365

Compliance Guardian

Identify, tag, classify, or quarantine sensitive data according to organizational policies before, during, and after migration.

For SharePoint and Office 365


Move to Office 365 or the latest version of SharePoint with full fidelity migrations from legacy sources, direct upgrade paths from previous versions, and seamless integration of file share networks.


Migrate and upgrade whole farms and single files from 14+ legacy sources directly to Office 365 and the latest version of SharePoint.

For SharePoint and Office 365

High Speed Migration

Migrate terabytes of data to Office 365 from file systems, Livelink, and SharePoint up to ten times (10x) faster than previous methods.

For Office 365


Manage and edit file share and externally hosted content (like audio, video and 10+ GB files) directly through SharePoint with full SharePoint content management functionality.

For SharePoint

File Share Navigator

Access and download file share content (like audio, video and 10+ GB files) directly through SharePoint and Office 365 without the need to configure and maintain RBS.

For SharePoint For Office 365

Office Connect

Allow end users to share and save content to SharePoint and Office 365 without leaving their desktop, Outlook, and Office apps.

For SharePoint and Office 365


Easily transform your structure, synchronize the changes of your content and settings, and automate publishing of configurations, design elements, solutions and apps from source environment to destination environment.

Content Manager

Move, copy, and restructure SharePoint, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business content within or across environments.

For SharePoint For Office 365

Deployment Manager

Move SharePoint and Office 365 artifacts, design elements, solutions, add-ins, and configurations to production with a single click.

For SharePoint For Office 365


Sync and publish changes to documents, libraries, and lists to keep content up to date across geographically dispersed SharePoint farms and SharePoint Online tenants.

For SharePoint For Office 365

What We Migrate

Take what you need, leave what you don’t. We’ll move it all with minimal business disruption and no data loss.

Where We Migrate

We’ll get your data where it needs to go – whether you're publishing between development, testing, and production; moving from site to site; and even transitioning from your server to the cloud.

  • On-Premises
  • In The Cloud
  • Across Hybrid
  • Between Farms

“If we had not used DocAve, it would have taken us longer to complete the migration. More importantly, though, we lost no data quality nor information when moving to the cloud, which would not have been possible without the tool.”

- Pierre Vivier-Merle, Business Productivity Director, vNext

“DocAve helped us ensure that users were comfortable with the whole process and encountered minimal-to-no disruption throughout our migration.”

- Allan Baroto, SharePoint Analyst, Victoria University

“DocAve saved us significant time and effort in our SharePoint migration.”

- Chuck McCann – Worldwide MTC Alliances Program Director, Microsoft
Victoria University