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You’re Doing More, but Achieving Less.

Between user requests piling up in your team’s to-do list and the need to always look out for compliance violations, there aren’t enough resources for you to accomplish strategic goals.

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Average number of requests per IT staff member.

Of migrations take longer than expected

IT spends handling issues and simple requests.

Of migrations result in business disruptions

IT spends working on strategic initiatives.

Stop Treating the Symptoms. Target the Cause.

You will never get ahead by only addressing problems after they occur. Instead, stop them from occurring in the first place.

Work Smarter.

With automation, get ahead of major violations by proactively detecting and responding to out-of-policy changes as soon as they happen. Gain insights that inform your strategy and scale your efforts with automated processes that immediately deliver preconfigured resources your users need.

The Expert Approach

The Expert Approach

Put an end to manual processes. Take back control with the industry’s only unified platform that lets SharePoint and Office 365 help, not inhibit, business productivity.


Whether you’re configuring a complicated hybrid environment or just creating a new site, our management tools help you correctly set up and apply permissions, settings, and backup and restore policies.


With bulk configuration capabilities, implement changes to settings and permissions across environments at once.

For SharePoint For Office 365

Backup and Restore

Automate backup configuration with retention rules to retain or delete records according to your unique SLAs.

For SharePoint For Office 365

For Dynamics 365 For Salesforce

High Availability

Configure a 24/7 SharePoint Server fault tolerance plan with one-click disaster recovery capabilities.

For SharePoint


Cut your administration time in half by simplifying and automating everyday tasks like fixing permissions, restoring documents, and repairing out-of-policy changes made by end users.


The ultimate tool kit for the cloud administrator. Manage your users, content, and settings through a single interface.

For Office 365


Quickly locate and fix problems with permissions, settings, and metadata across SharePoint and hybrid deployments.

For SharePoint For Office 365

Backup and Restore

Automated backups and granular item-level restoration to Salesforce, Dynamics 365, SharePoint and Office 365 instances, such as SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, Groups, and more.

For SharePoint For Office 365

For Dynamics 365 For Salesforce

AvePoint Policy Enforcer

Respond immediately to and automatically adjust unauthorized changes in settings, permissions, and configurations.

For SharePoint For Office 365

Meetings Pro

Collaborate efficiently by bringing order to your meetings with our simplified interface.

For SharePoint


Encourage adoption of Office 365 Groups with a single interface that allows users to easily organize and navigate their Groups. Empower admins with effective Group management tools.

For Office 365


Optimize your platform and proactively correct system inefficiencies, errors, and violations with actionable reports and complete oversight of your permissions, topology, usage, and performance trends.

Governance Automation

Automate SharePoint and Office 365 lifecycle management – from provisioning to archiving and everything in between.

For SharePoint For Office 365

Report Center

Gain actionable intelligence about SharePoint, Office 365, and hybrid settings, security, and content type usage through customizable reports and alerts.

For SharePoint For Office 365

Storage Manager

Optimize SQL Server storage and increase platform performance by removing unstructured data from SQL databases.

For SharePoint

AvePoint Cloud Insights

Uncover trends in user activity as well as content and site usage with easy-to-use dashboards presented through Power BI.

For Office 365

Platforms for Office 365 and SharePoint Management:

AvePoint Online Services

Our 100 percent Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), all-in-one platform requires no installation or agents. AvePoint Online Services provides you with the tools to effectively manage your Office 365 and Dynamics 365 environment.

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DocAve Software for SharePoint and Hybrid

As a fully integrated platform, DocAve enables centralized or delegated management of SharePoint farms hosted on premises or across hybrid deployments.

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Governance Automation for SharePoint Server

With Governance Automation, organizations can provide SharePoint as a service by automating the way users request configurable services.

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AvePoint Cloud Governance for Office 365

Implement an extensible Office 365 governance strategy that empowers users, is easy to maintain, and scales as your organization adopts the Microsoft Cloud.

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What We Manage

Simplify and centralize all of your management capabilities, including administration, backup, data assurance, reporting, and storage optimization.

Where We Manage

Designed with you in mind, our award-winning solutions help you manage in the cloud, on-premises, or a hybrid deployment.

  • On-Premises
  • In the Cloud
  • Across Hybrid
  • Between Farms

“AvePoint Online Services was our solution of choice because it met all of our Office 365 management needs and is entirely cloud based – which no one else offers.”

- Stephan Choolfaian, Senior IT Lead, Purdue Pharma

“DocAve offers one centralized platform for SharePoint management, which makes us more efficient. It’s useful to access the full toolset from the same interface.”

- Feitze Mast, Manager of Collaboration & Productivity, Corbion

“AvePoint Online Services gives us assurance that if documents go missing or we run into problems within our Office 365 environment, we have a full backup available in the cloud along with granular content restoration abilities to minimize business disruption.” (230 Characters).”

- John Baddiley, Senior Business Manager, Davanti Consulting
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