tyGraph for Employee Engagement

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Internal communications have evolved from the occasional staff memo to a strategic, multidisciplinary force. Amidst a string of global socioeconomic and healthcare events, Communications leaders have found themselves in a position of increased power and proximity, working with senior executives to craft timely messaging, highlight corporate values, and demonstrate transparency.

However, proving the value of corporate communications hinges on being able to measure it. While tools for external communications now offer rich insights, analytics for internal communications continue to lag behind.

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of Chief Communications Officers report an increased focus on employee communications


say perceptions of Communications as a strategic business driver changed during the pandemic


of execs feel the shift to hybrid work has made internal communications more challenging

tyGraph for Employee Engagement

tyGraph for Employee Engagement

Tap Into Rich Insights for Viva Engage

What if you could apply the same type of analytics to your internal communications as you do to your social media? tyGraph for Employee Engagement is a robust analytics suite designed to measure all your Microsoft 365 communications channels.

Start by examining the long-term value of your Viva Engage (Yammer) network with a wide range of metrics designed to help you understand how employees are using the platform and identify areas for improvement. Data includes engagement rates, user activity, and content performance. You can even segment data by user, group, or topic to identify trends and patterns.

Understand your organization's network

With tyGraph, you can measure your active and engaged users over a strategic time period (1-2 years) instead of being stuck with 90-day canned experiences.

Turn leaders into influencers

Quickly identify the most impactful conversations across your Viva Engage (Yammer) network to focus your leaders' dialogue and engagement on the most active threads.

Counsel your Community Owners

Gain powerful insights into your audience, analyzing usage trends and topics of interest so you can deliver timely, relevant content.


Analyze and Optimize Your SharePoint Intranet

SharePoint is a fantastic place not just for documents but also static content like News Pages. Make the most of your audience in SharePoint by optimizing your navigation, promoting successful content, tailoring experiences to your audiences, and writing new content that fits what your audience’s needs.


Most accessed files

Files are critical artifacts in your communications story. Newsletters and other files make for great accessory documents in a campaign but how can you be sure if anyone even reads them? tyGraph ranks those files so you can see not only which files were accessed the most but which areas of the business were interacting with them.

Discover your top pages

While Microsoft 365 gives you page views for a given page, it is difficult to get a combined ranking of your top pages in one place. tyGraph not only get ranks your best pages, but allows you to filter the ranking by audience metadata. For example, “Show me my top pages by users in our Accounting department.”

Take a proactive approach to content

Don’t fall into the trap of always posting what is comfortable - check yourself by checking out SharePoint search data. View the top searches in SharePoint, as well as those that did not return any results. Then, proactively generate content to fill those gaps and fulfill your audience's need.

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Take On Microsoft Teams with tyGraph

While Microsoft Teams provides a fantastic space for collaboration, it also generates such an incredible amount of discussion that it would be impossible for any one person to stay on top of it. Take advantage of tyGraph's rich data reporting and visualizations to understand what discussions are being had (and where) so you can drive communications that are not aloof to blind spots discussions in teams and channels.

Analyze by keyword

Take a look at Microsoft Teams keyword usage to understand what's being talked about the most or search by keyword to find out where the discussions are happening.

Watch your tone

As discussions from Viva Engage (Yammer) or email inevitably weave their way into Teams or Channel discussions, monitor the overall tone of your organization by tracking sentiment analysis.

Find out who's missing

For audiences lagging in engagement, use tyGraph to find out which Teams and Channels they're using the most then share communications directly where they're working.

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Consolidated view

tyGraph reports give you a single picture into communications across workloads all mapped on a common user model.

Long-range lens

It can takes weeks or months for companies to see the benefits of change. Don’t let short term data discourage you, let tyGraph tell your story over time.

Sentiment analysis

Sentiment data keeps your finger on the pulse of how people are feeling in the company.

Search data

Create the content your audience is looking for by monitoring their top searches without results.

PII obfuscation

Access, search, and restore entities and records for targeted rollback based on properties, including content owner, date created and modified.

Scalable reports

Deploy experiences that only show data that the user owns, democratizing insights for Community, Team, and Site Owners.

Organize by keywords

Metadata, like topics, tags, and keywords, help you identify content as it is organized.

Audience insights

Rich user metadata lets us segment all data by role, region, hierarchy, license, group membership and more.


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