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Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) across the globe are rethinking the role of technology in creating more meaningful, flexible and satisfying experiences for students and academics. Evolving industry needs have also positioned HEIs strategically to support alumni and working professionals in their lifelong learning journey.

The Global Convergence of the Learning Campus

Facilitate Cross-Continental Learning

Geographical borders in learning are blurring with more institutions collaborating across continents to co-host undergraduate and executive programs curated with the best mix of pedagogy, business insights and domain expertise across partnering institutions.

Modern Collaborative Learning

We augment the student experience with collaborative interfaces they need to learn share and exchange ideas with their community through video chats, social networking, games, blogs, forums, and more.

Simplify Processes with AI

AI-powered chatbots serve as virtual guides or teachers’ assistants to keep students on track. AI is also adopted to provide contextual content recommendations and to replace in-person proctoring in large-scale exams.  

The Global Convergence of the Learning Campus

One-Stop Collaborative Learning Platform

Collaborative High-Impact Teaching

Collaborative High-Impact Teaching
Collaborative High-Impact Teaching

AvePoint EduTech helps higher education institutes drive a holistic approach to education by delivering dynamic, engaging experiences for its ecosystem of students, academics, public community, and corporate partners.


Attendance & Progress Tracker


Scale Academic Faculty


Nudge Learning with Insights


Stress-free Feedbacks


Expedite Lesson Plans


Scalable Grading & Distribution

Create Dynamic Lessons

Gain clarity over students’ learning progress and flexibly adjust learning paths to suit various learning paces. Switch up teaching approaches with a variety of content and media formats and connect with students dynamically even in hybrid classroom settings.

Collaborative Curriculum Planning

Expedite pre-lesson planning by collaborating with fellow educators using a common content repository for lesson materials, assignments and quizzes. Control when content can be published to students and maximise asynchronous learning beyond the classroom.

Effortless Assessments & Grading

Comprehensively track summative and formative assignments and grades in one platform and collaborate efficiently on grade adjustments and releases. Our intuitive interface simplifies and automates everything from attendance to lesson planning and grading.

Personalized Learning that Nutures Student Success

Deliver digital content relevant to students’ interests and career aspirations. Encourage personal mastery with AI course recommendations that equips them with the relevant skillsets for a strong head-start. We provide the flexibility institutions need to create cross-disciplinary programs, supporting differentiated teaching and personalised learning pathways.

Personalized Learning that Nutures Student Success
Personalized Learning that Nutures Student Success

How do we do it?


We learn about the learner – their interests, skillsets and career goals.


We recommend relevant courses that supports the learner’s upskilling journey, and help grow your re-enrolment pipelines


We make administration hassle-free


We drive accountability with measurable outcomes.

All your Learning Needs in One Place

No more toggling across systems to manage classes, submit assignments or download lesson materials. Students can easily view their calendar and class schedules via a M365 Teams-embedded personalized dashboard, where auto alerts keep students on track in their learning progress. 

Borderless Classrooms

With an LMS natively integrated into the M365 collaboration suite, you can drive active collaborative learning beyond virtual classrooms. Facilitate contextual discussions and creative exchanges between peers and educators with social learning, quality content, clear instruction, and detailed feedback. 

Foster Social Learning

Augment a vibrant exchange of ideas across the student community and tap on the wealth of knowledge and experience from educators, fellow students, alumni and partners. 

Right-sized & Personalized Learning

Created personalized learning paths for students based on their individual interests or learning pace. Programs are flexibly structured into bite-sized content and interactively consumed by students via videos, chats, forums – online and offline.

Partner Your Alumni in their Continuous Learning Journey

Investing in nurturing alumni communities, your natural advocates, can help you grow a rewarding learner pipeline.  Gain 360° insights on your students, alumni and partners as your institution actively engages your community in a personalized way on the latest news, events and programs, as well as to foster continuous professional development.

Alumni Management
Alumni Management

Events & Campaign Management


Continuous Professional Development


Contact & Lead Management


Survey Management


Donation Management


Analytics & Reporting

Engage & Communicate Relevantly

Conduct & manage powerful event promotions and campaigns that are targeted at alumni’s personal or career interests. Keep your alumni connected with news that matters and a lifelong networking community.

Foster Continuous Education

One stop repository of all your alumni information, learning needs & grants statuses to offer holistic administration of courses for upskilling and lifelong Learning.

A Single Knowledge Base

Manage all prospects, students, alumni and public requests or issues with a unified case management system. Monitor fee payments and generate reports instantly.

Partnering HEIs in their Digital Learning Journeys

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We make learning more collaborative and intuitive.

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