Edu Tech HE Drive Deeper Eng UI

Drive Deeper Engagement

  • Gamification: Enable leaderboards, badges, and challenges to keep students engaged in a hyper-competitive landscape.
  • Modern Collaborative Learning: Give students the collaborative interfaces they want and will use in their professional life with video chats, social networking, games, blogs, forums, and more.
  • Break The Language Barrier: Real-time, multilingual translation with Microsoft Teams connects global students.
Edu Tech HE Student Centric Learning

Student-Centric Learning Management System

  • Personalized Dashboard: With our higher ed LMS, students can easily view their calendar, course notifications, and more from one place.
  • Proactive Student Assistance: Gain an overall picture of student progress and take early action for students who need more help.
  • Personalized Paths: Create a personalized learning path for students based on their unique needs.
Edu Tech HE Simplifyw AI Feature

Simplify with AI and Advanced Tech

  • Virtual Assistants: AI- powered chatbots serve as virtual guides or teachers’ assistants to keep students on track.
  • Right-sized Learning: Our higher education LMS technology breaks down programs into bite-sized online courses through mobile learning, question banks, and Wikis.
  • Lecturer Support: Intuitive interface that simplifies and automates everything from attendance to lesson planning and grading.
Edu Tech HE Secure Dig Exams UI

Secure Online Exams

  • Intelligent proctoring: Our advanced technology uses AI, 360°cameras, and screen monitoring for a comprehensive proctor oversight.
  • Anti-Cheat Technology: Authenticate identity and select which technologies, books, or other materials to allow during exams.
  • Easy Accessibility: Deliver a standard experience across all electronic devices and avoid network disruptions with offline mode.
“This solution provides us with technologies that match the needs of learners of today and tomorrow, and it empowers lecturers and students to enhance the learning process.”
Neo Yong Chiang
Chief Information Officer, Republic Polytechnic

Products that drive engaged learning

Online Exam Management System

Online Exam Management System

Craft online exams with confidence. Control when, where, and how the exams will take place. Support student can bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies without compromising control and oversight.

  • Central Admin
  • Online exam Builder
  • Remote proctoring
  • Grading and Analysis
Learning Management System

Learning Management System

Give your team bandwidth to focus on what is important: enabling new and better ways of learning! Let us support the rest!

  • Reduce Operational Risk
  • Multilingual
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Virtual Assistants

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