Office 365 Groups: The Definitive Cookbook

Learn all 20(ish) ways to whip up a Group in Office 365 from the industry's top "chefs!"

Learn all 20(ish) ways to whip up a Group in Office 365 from the industry's top "chefs!"

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Groups cookbook

Learn how to create delicious Office 365 Groups with our assorted recipes

When you are talking about Office 365 governance, you are really talking about governing Groups. You cannot understand Office 365 governance without an understanding of what you are governing.

Office 365 Groups can also be a tricky concept as creation points are constantly changing, what comes in each type of Group isn’t standard and it is not a tangible tool that users can access.

What is important to understand is that Groups are the underlying framework for how the different tools within Office 365 are connected.

Our cookbook, featuring the top minds in the industry, will review every way we know for creating an Office 365 Group and lay out how to do so.

We will also introduce the unique nature of Office 365 Groups and an epilogue on how you should think about managing and governing your Groups.

In the end, the real reason you should care about “how many ways there are to create a Group” is to understand how shared workspaces—and potentially sensitive business data—are propagated across your environment so you can appropriately oversee your tenant.

Bon Apetite!

  • Chapter 1: The Unique Flavors of Office 365 Groups

  • Chapter 2: Appealing App-etizers

    Chefs Matt Wade, Madhuri Tondepu, and Melissa Hubbard

  • Chapter 3: Everyday Entrèes

    Chefs Christophe Fiessinger, Mike McLean, Haniel Croitoru, Simon Denton, Thomas Maier, Dux Raymond Sy, Hunter Willis, Eric Overfield, and Christian Lapacka

  • Chapter 4: Admin Center à la Carte

    Chefs Robert Mulsow, Renè Modery, Loryan Strant, and Patrick Guimonet

  • Chapter 5: Developer Desserts

    Chefs Stephanie Donahue, Tony Remond, and Martina Grom

  • Chapter 6: Past the Expiration Date

  • Chapter 7: Governance Gourmet

Check out some samples of the delicious dishes

  • PowerShell Pudding by Chef Tony Redmond, Redmond & Associates

    For those who are command-savvy and want to create Groups using scripting, we've got good news. Office 365 Groups can be created and managed through Windows PowerShell.

  • Azure AD Soufflè by Chef Stephanie Donahue, PAITGroup

    We know that distribution lists can be created in Active Directory. But we also know that many collaboration scenarios in the workplace require more than just a distribution list.

  • Planner Aux Pommes by Chef Mike McLean, Microsoft

    Have to organize and manage tasks for a team? Planner is Microsoft's answer to your organization and management needs.

  • Outlook Mobile App Hors d'Oeuvre by Chef Madhuri Tondepu, Microsoft

    Even though creating an Office 365 Group gives you more than just an email distribution list, creating a Group from Outlook Mobile App is just about as easy.

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