Microsoft Teams for Education Institutions

A Best Practices Guide & Study Guide to Empower Students, Administrators and Educators (and help them do the right thing)

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Teams in education

Authored by: Loryan Strant, Loryan Strant Consulting, Consultant

Everything You Need To Know To Make Teams Work For Your School

Microsoft has made free, education specific versions of Office 365 and Microsoft Teams that are powerful tools for universities and schools to facilitate collaboration and learning.

Adoption has been skyrocketing, but for IT professionals and administration leaders need to follow established best practices and avoid the common pitfalls to ensure their organization is creating a positive experience and maximizing their results.

By accessing our comprehensive best practices and study guide for Teams in Education, you will not only get an overview of the Teams platform, but also learn how to

  • Boost user adoption
  • Keep the environment organized and enforce naming conventions
  • Efficiently govern the creation of Teams without burdening the IT team
  • Manage the full lifecycle of Teams and the data within them

  • Chapter 1

    Opportunities for Teams in Education

  • Chapter 2

    Best Practices for Preparing for Teams Adoption

  • Chapter 3

    Best Practices for Naming Microsoft Teams Teams

  • Chapter 4

    Best Practices for Creating & Provisioning Microsoft Teams

  • Chapter 5

    Best Practices for Securing & Managing Data

  • Chapter 6

    Best Practices for Teams Lifecycle Management

  • Extra Resources

    Character List, Cheat Sheet, Essay Questions, Further Study, About the Authors

Don’t just assume users know what tool to use and when, provide resources like “When to Use Teams vs. Other Tools” to help them on their adoption journey.Chapter 2: Best Practices in Preparing for Teams Adoption

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