Access the Report: “Back Up Your SaaS Data - Because Most SaaS Providers Don't”

While most Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) vendors state that protecting data is the customer’s responsibility, organizations will still rely on these providers to back up their data.

Cloud backup is not a simple black or white decision –different approaches and platforms can have a dramatic impact on your backup and restore capabilities.

While Office 365’s retention and versioning features can help preserve critical files and mail, you're still responsible for additional data protection scenarios. Without the right backup plan, data recovery can be really expensive, or even impossible. Learn:

  • What Office 365 backup protection covers natively; and what backup scenarios customers are responsible for
  • The restore policies of each SaaS vendors from Adobe to Zuora. Including the major cloud office providers such as GSuite and Office 365
  • Which cloud-to-cloud backup solutions support which SaaS app

This report provides insights into what organizations should do to ensure they are backing up their SaaS data properly and why cloud-to-cloud backup is the way to go, from one of the most respected independent research firms in the business!

  • Chapter 1 Few Firms Protect Their Cloud Data From Obliteration
  • Chapter 2 You Can - And Must - Mitigate The Risk of Losing SaaS Data
  • Chapter 3 Don't Make Assumptions: Grill Your SaaS Providers About Backup

A peek at what's inside...

" A SaaS provider can’t detect genuine data loss, so it doesn’t accept responsibility for customer data. Providers explicitly call this out in their terms and conditions. " Chapter 1: Few Firms Protect Their Cloud Data From Obliteration