Optimizing Worldwide SharePoint Data and Content Access with DocAve

This document reviews best practices for planning and implementing a comprehensive, reliable and efficient SharePoint synchronization strategy to optimize data access and increase productivity.

From Development to Production: Streamlining SharePoint Deployment with DocAve Deployment Manager

This paper – co-authored by AvePoint and Microsoft – reviews best practices for propagating SharePoint customizations, services, and solutions throughout a complex SharePoint environment, and introduces tools and strategies available to automate and streamline this process.

Meeting Compliance Objectives in SharePoint

This document is intended to aid IT administrators and other stakeholders responsible for managing Microsoft SharePoint deployments, in planning and implementing a comprehensive, reliable and efficient compliance strategy appropriate to their organizational needs.

Storage Optimization for SharePoint

This Windows IT Pro Technical Advisor reviews the key components of a successful storage optimization strategy for SharePoint.

Integrating SharePoint and Salesforce to Drive Business Productivity

Strategies for streamlining collaboration with SharePoint-Salesforce Integration.

Proven Practices for Upgrading and Migrating to SharePoint Server 2010

This document outlines options, strategies, and available solutions for either upgrading or migrating to the SharePoint Server 2010 platform – from either past SharePoint releases or legacy document repositories.

Proven Practices for Optimizing SharePoint Storage Management Strategies with DocAve

This white paper outlines guidelines and strategies for optimizing SQL Server management and improving overall SharePoint platform performance.

SharePoint and DocAve: The Future of Enterprise Content Management

Guidelines for unleashing SharePoint Server 2010’s ECM capabilities with DocAve.

Embracing the Cloud: Strategies for Hybrid Microsoft SharePoint Deployments

Tips and strategies for incorporating SharePoint Online and cloud storage resources into organizations' existing SharePoint environments.

Encouraging Greater SharePoint Adoption with DocAve

Learn how to improve SharePoint scalability, reliability, and make the platform the single access point for enterprise-wide content.

Unleashing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010's Web Content Management Features with DocAve

This document is intended to provide organizations with the proven practices and key considerations necessary for fully taking advantage of SharePoint Server 2010's enhanced features for web content management.

How to Implement an Effective SharePoint Governance Plan

Moving past the "what" and "why" of governance, an even harder question to answer is how to implement SharePoint governance. In this paper, we'll share a number of suggestions on how you can effectively implement a SharePoint governance plan.