AvePoint Case Study

SFR SharePoint Administrators Meet Compliance Objectives, Manage Company Deployment, and Quickly Recover Content with DocAve®

“We were impressed that DocAve offered such a complete solution. So many useful functionalities were integrated into one tool.”

- Eric Delouche – SharePoint Administrator, SFR

SFR SharePoint Administrators Meet Compliance Objectives
Paris, France
Microsoft Office SharePoint
Server 2007
SharePoint Server 2010
  • Customized reports on SharePoint usage and content
  • Efficient deployment-wide management of SharePoint configurations and security permissions
  • Regular, automated synchronization of web front ends
  • Fast, full recovery of lost or deleted items


  • Met compliance objectives with the help of customized reports on SharePoint usage and content
  • Propagated changes to configurations and security permissions to more than 700 sites at once
  • Ensured SharePoint was identical across four web front ends with automatic synchronization
  • Recovered lost or accidentally deleted SharePoint documents in two hours, as opposed to two days required by native abilities
  • Empowered end-users to manage content of specific site collections with special permissions and easy-to-use functionality


SFR is a mobile telecommunications operator based in France. The company offers mobile telephony services, mobile multimedia services, and data transmission services for residential, professional, and corporate customers. It also operates in the fixed-line telecommunication sector, including voice, data transmission, and broadband Internet access. The company, founded in 1987, operates as a subsidiary of Vivendi.


Servicing more than 20 million customers throughout France, SFR staff uses Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007. The platform was quickly adopted after implementation and became an important tool for the organization. The company’s corporate intranet is housed on SharePoint and end-users use the platform to manage content across the enterprise, as well as share content directly with external suppliers. Administrators built 30 different applications for SharePoint of various use, ranging from corporate forms to workflows.

At present, SFR’s SharePoint environment supports 15,000 end-users and consists of two separate server farms. The first farm runs on MOSS 2007 and has four web front end servers, one index server, and three SQL servers. The second farm runs on SharePoint 2010 and has two web front end servers, two applications servers, and three SQL servers. The second farm is used to host the company directory and employ the social functions of the My Site feature.

Throughout their time managing SharePoint, however, administrators encountered several issues with the platform’s native abilities. First, SharePoint offered no simple way to glean important information regarding content access among users, including when it was created and by whom; who has viewed it when; how it has evolved through versions, edits, and name changes; and when it was deleted and by whom.. Regular audits by the Security and Intelligence Department required administrators to furnish this information. Since SharePoint’s native functions lacked the ability to audit or report beyond the site collection level, it was challenging to pull the exact information required.

SharePoint also lacked a tool to make changes across multiple sites and site collections at once. With 700 sites in SFR’s environment, administrators were required to make changes one-by-one, which could be a very tedious and time-consuming process.

Finally, administrators found the process of restoring items in SharePoint to be especially time-consuming. Since SharePoint could not perform granular restorations, administrators were required to restore an entire database in order to rescue lost content for endusers. This process could take as long as two days.

With a list of important needs and challenges for SFR’s SharePoint deployment, administrators began to investigate third-party software solutions.


Administrators researched several solutions, ultimately deciding to purchase AvePoint’s DocAve Software Platform. DocAve integrates more than 30 independently deployable modules which function within a unified, browser-based interface and fully distributed architecture, but can also be purchased and deployed independently. “We were impressed that DocAve offered such a complete solution,” said Eric Delouche, SFR SharePoint Administrator. “So many useful functionalities were integrated into one tool.”

“SharePoint adoption for different utilizations is constantly increasing, and an ecosystem of partners such as AvePoint enables the installation of real enterprise-class governance and it also fulfills specific needs” said Na-Young Kwon, SharePoint Marketing Product Manager at Microsoft. “The fact that AvePoint is a global organization is an asset, as it enables the agile follow-up of our clients, but also their local presence in France is equally key from our point of view for the long-term relationship with clients.”

With help from AvePoint’s global technical support team, administrators installed DocAve and began to put its solutions to work. With DocAve Auditor, administrators were able to record, track, and pull reports on all user interactions, security changes, and search queries throughout SFR’s SharePoint environment. “With the ability to view and pull reports on who had access to what SharePoint content when, as well as track end-user activity across the platform, DocAve helps us meet important compliance objectives on a regular basis,” said Eric Delouche.

DocAve Administrator gave administrators universal control over SFR’s enterprise-wide SharePoint environment, making it easy to view, search, manage, and report on settings, configurations, and securities throughout the company’s SharePoint deployment. Configuration and security permissions could be propagated to web applications, sites, folders, and lists in bulk with the solution. “DocAve allowed us to set and update permissions and configurations across multiple sites at once, saving a significant amount of saving a significant amount of time, as native tools would have required carrying out this process for each of our 700 sites manually,” Delouche said.

SFR administrators were able to keep the company’s web front end servers in synch and up-to-date with DocAve Deployment Manager. DocAve automates and simplifies the SharePoint deployment customization processes, including the change management of SharePoint solutions, customizations, and web front end elements. “DocAve allows us to install and update permissions across many sites in one time, making our operations achievable,” Delouche said.

Restoration issues were solved with DocAve Backup and Restore. In addition to providing fast, flexible, and intelligent backup solution for SharePoint, DocAve enables granular, item-level restores via an intuitive, timeline-based Restore Controller for deft recovery of critical documents, sites, or subsites directly to the original media. “With DocAve, we can restore lost or deleted documents in two hours as opposed to two days, significantly minimizing business disruption for end-users and allowing us more time to carry out highpriority tasks for the deployment,” Delouche said.

In addition to satisfying existing issues, DocAve also saved SFR administrators time by allowing them to delegate SharePoint management tasks to end-users for specific collections. DocAve Content Manager allows designated users with different roles and permissions to manage content on SharePoint with the platform’s centralized browser-based interface and dual-frame layout, allowing easy selection of source and destination and minimizing risk of human error.


While SharePoint was an important part of day-today business for SFR employees, administrators encountered several challenges when relying solely on the platform’s native abilities. With DocAve, Administrators were able to solve those problems and open up a host of new possibilities to manage, simplify, and enhance the company’s deployment. In the near future, administrators plan to take advantage of even more of DocAve’s solutions. “Since DocAve offers an entire platform of integrated solutions, we will utilize new solutions as we continue to develop our deployment as well as harness even more features of the modules we have already been using,” Denti said. “For example, in addition to the regular granular backups we have been performing with DocAve, we will soon implement a backup plan for our entire, global SharePoint environment, ensuring the company’s SharePoint data is fully protected at all levels.”


AvePoint is a global technology company and proven software leader. Since its founding in 2001, AvePoint is the world’s largest provider of enterpriseclass governance and infrastructure management solutions for Microsoft SharePoint. Propelled by the world’s largest SharePoint-exclusive research & development team, AvePoint helps more than 8,000 customers – including many Fortune 500 companies and government agencies – meet their specific business objectives utilizing the SharePoint platform. AvePoint, Inc. is headquartered and maintains its principle engineering center in Jersey City, NJ, with wholly owned sales and engineering centers in the USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore, and China. AvePoint is a Depth Managed Microsoft Gold Certified Portals and Collaboration Partner and Gold Certified ISV Partner as well as a US Government GSA provider via strategic partnerships.

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