AvePoint Case Study

Sartorius Comprehensively Protects and Restores Microsoft SharePoint Content with DocAve

“DocAve has exactly what a good backup software should have.”

Peter Strunk – System IT Project Manager, Sartorius

Gottingen, Germany
SharePoint Portal Server 2003
Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010
  • Flexible backup solution that could granularly protect content according to business criticality
  • Restore individual Lists, Libraries, Sites, Site Collections, and documents with full fidelity
  • A data protection solution with a simple, intuitive graphical user interface


  • Instantly restore item-level SharePoint content directly to its production environment
  • Create flexible backup schedules for both full and incremental backups according to its specific business needs
  • UtilizeDocAve for its newly installed Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 farm


The Sartorius Group is a leading international laboratory and process technology provider covering the segments of biotechnology and mechatronics. Founded in 1870 and based in Gottingen, Germany, the company currently employs approximately 4,350 people and has production facilities, sales subsidiaries, and local commercial agencies in more than 110 countries.


In order to provide a platform upon which distributed workers could collaborate, centrally store documents, and access department-specific information, Sartorius deployed SharePoint Portal Server (SPS) 2003 in 2006.

Immediately after deploying SharePoint, Sartorius administrators realized the native data protection functionality the platform offered – using STSADM command line tool backups – was not sufficient. First, STSADM backups only cover entire databases and fail frequently. Second, when administrators had to conduct item-level restoration of accidentally deleted documents or sites, administrators would have to reconstitute the entire backup image to a staging database, then export the restored document into the production environment.

This process consumed precious time and resources, and did not even recover the restored object’s metadata (e.g. Created date, Created by, permissions, etc.). Furthermore, in order to avoid any business disruption while the attempted recovery was taking place, administrators needed a warm stand-by SharePoint farm to which it could temporarily switch over.

In a quest to find a simpler, intuitive solution that could comprehensively protect its SharePoint environment and deliver the granular, item-level restores the company desired, Peter Strunk, System IT Project Manager at Sartorius, began his search for a third-party data protection solution.


After researching several third-party vendors providing data protection solutions, Sartorius purchased DocAve Backup and Restore for SharePoint. “DocAve has exactly what a good backup software should have – granular backups and item-level restore capabilities directly to the production farm”, Strunk said.

Comprehensive SharePoint Data Protection with Confidence

Immediately, Sartorius put DocAve Backup and Restore to work. Using the solution’s flexible backup scheduler, the company’s IT administrators were able to schedule a series of backup plans – full and incremental – set to run according to the content’s criticality to the business. Additionally, company administrators could protect their entire SharePoint environment, from individual items and sites to web applications, content databases, index servers and IIS settings. The content was backed up with full fidelity, meaning all of its associated metadata, securities, version histories, and customized layouts are preserved.

Sartorius can now also restore individual items, lists, libraries, or sites that are either corrupted or accidentally deleted quickly with DocAve Backup and Restore. The module’s graphical Time Restore Controller enables the organization to locate the content and restore it with full fidelity directly to the production environment, without forcing administrators to switch to a stand-by SharePoint farm.

In addition to the foundational backup and restoration functions DocAve is capable of, the module has also enabled Sartorius administrators to confidently test new customizations without worrying about whether or not they would work – and potentially impact the overall performance of the farm. With DocAve’s Manual and Automated Data Pruning feature, Sartorius could manage historic SharePoint backup data and improve access speed to more recent backups if it needed to revert to data and content pre-customization. “It’s freed me up in exploring more of the possibilities SharePoint offers”, Strunk said.

Stellar Service and Support

Throughout the purchase and configuration process, AvePoint’s service and support staff ensured that Sartorius’ implementation of DocAve Backup and Restore was successful. During the course of the organization’s usage of DocAve, whenever it ran into any difficulty, administrators were able to contact AvePoint’s support team, which quickly resolved the challenge at hand. “Whenever I have any small glitches or issues, I’m always able to call AvePoint support”, Strunk said. “The team was always able to help me.”

“DocAve has been an extremely reliable backup and restore software for us.”


Using DocAve Backup and Restore, Sartorius can create a flexible, granular backup regime for its mission-critical SharePoint data and content. Furthermore, the company can now restore individual items directly into its SharePoint production environment quickly and with full fidelity. The administrators can also experiment with SharePoint to the fullest, with full confidence that if the customizations do not turn out as planned, they can go back to the SharePoint environment as it was before with minimal business disruption.

The success the company has realized so far with DocAve has led the company to also add DocAve Backup and Restore to its newly installed SharePoint Server 2010 farm.

“DocAve has been a very reliable backup software for me”, Strunk said. “That, coupled with AvePoint’s excellent support, was the reason we also used it in our SharePoint Portal Server 2010 farm. “From what I can gather, AvePoint still has the best product on the market.”


AvePoint is a global technology company and software innovator headquartered in the United States. Since its founding in 2001, AvePoint has become the world’s largest provider of infrastructure management software solutions for Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies. Propelled by the world’s largest SharePoint-exclusive research & development team, AvePoint is the premier provider for EPG, SMB, MidMarket and Government organizations demanding the most powerful and flexible infrastructure management solutions for their SharePoint environments and assets. AvePoint’s award-winning DocAve Software Platform is recognized as the industry standard for comprehensive and scalable SharePoint backup and recovery, administration, replication, migration, archiving, deployment management, reporting, storage optimization, and content lifecycle management.

AvePoint is headquartered and maintains its principle engineering center in Jersey City, NJ, with wholly owned sales and engineering centers in the USA - San Jose, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Washington DC, Houston, Boston; Ontario, Canada; Melbourne, Australia; London, United Kingdom; Munich, Germany; Johannesburg, South Africa; Tokyo, Japan; Singapore; and China –Beijing, Changchun, Dalian. AvePoint’s global team, fortified by an expansive network of certified partners, helps more than 6,000 enterprise customers – including many Fortune 500 companies and government agencies – to protect, manage, optimize, and integrate their mission-critical SharePoint environments. AvePoint is a Depth Managed Gold Certified Microsoft Partner and GSA provider.

AvePoint Germany Headquarters:
Leopoldstrasse 244
80807 München
+49 (0) 89 20 80 39 -660


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