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Thurston County Saves Hundreds of Hours Per Year Automatically Synchronizing Microsoft SharePoint Content Updates to Website with DocAve

Find out how the government of Thurston County, Washington simplified the process of publishing changes to its public website by using SharePoint and DocAve Replicator.

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Thurston County

NTUC First Campus Transitions to Microsoft Office 365 and Delivers a Modern Intranet Experience to Users with AvePoint Client Services

See how NTUC First Campus empowered its users and improved collaboration with a bilingual, cloud-based intranet environment.

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NTUC First Campus
  • PLATTFORM SharePoint Online
  • LÖSUNGEN Migration

Marquardt automatisiert Provisionierung und Berechtigungsmanagement von Microsoft® SharePoint® mit DocAve® Governance Automation

Erfahren Sie, wie das IT-Team von Marquardt mithilfe von AvePoint-Lösungen SharePoint-Dienste für Benutzer mit weniger Aufwand bereitstellte.

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Alegri Reduces SharePoint 2010 Migration Time by Five Months with DocAve®

Alegri reduced migration of more than 100 GB of content to SharePoint 2010 by five months. Find out how!

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Microsoft® Technology Center Reduced SharePoint 2010 Migration by Two Months with DocAve®

DocAve migrated 12,000 site collections and 200 custom lists from SharePoint 2007 to Microsoft Technology Center's hosted SharePoint 2010 environment. Find out how!

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North American Construction Group Saves $100,000 and Reduces Storage by 155 GB in its SharePoint 2010 Migration with DocAve ®

Learn how North American Construction Group experienced significant savings in its SharePoint 2010 migration and quickly restored SharePoint content with DocAve.

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North American Construction Group

Park Nicollet Protects Vital SharePoint Data and Meets Compliance Objectives with DocAve®

Find out how Park Nicollet slashed data restore times from hours to minutes.

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Park Nicollet

Prairie South School Division Streamlines SharePoint Management and Keeps SQL Storage Less Than 200 GB with DocAve®

Find out how DocAve helped Prairie South School Division administrators save time managing SharePoint and address challenges in the areas of end user adoption, maintenance, governance, and platform scalability.

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Prairie South School Division

Kingston University Reduces Migration from SharePoint 2003 Directly to SharePoint 2010 by 30% with DocAve®

Find out how Kingston University reduced SharePoint 2010 migration by two months while saving £20,000 with DocAve.

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Niagara Health System Reduces 60 GB Migration of Data from SharePoint 2003 to SharePoint 2010 with DocAve® by 22 Weeks

Find out how Niagara Health System saved significant time and improved end user adoption in its SharePoint 2010 migration.

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Niagara Health System