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Storage Policy – Retention Rule

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    WH M.

    I am currently configuring storage policy for backups, there is a section where you can configure Retention Rules. I am wondering what the difference is between cycles and full backup. I know that every cycle starts with a full backup. I have tried to look into the documentation, but unfortunately no success. Can someone please explain what happens when you select cycles instead of full backup at the retention rule.

    Profile photo of Arthur L.
    Arthur L.

    Hi WH,

    A cycle contains the full backup data as well as the incremental and differential jobs.

    For example: Cycle A is the first cycle, which contains the Full backup data and the Differential backup data. Cycle B is the second cycle, which contains the Full backup data and the Incremental backup data. Cycle C is the third cycle, which contains the Full backup data, the Differential backup data, and the Incremental backup data. If you have configured pruning to keep the last 2 cycles, when this cycle rule is triggered, the data of Cycle B and Cycle C are kept. The data of Cycle A is deleted or moved to another logical device, depending on your settings.

    Hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any questions.


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    Edmund White

    Hi WH!

    Basically, cycles are all the backups between full backups. In a retention policy, saving a cycle would be the full backup and all the incrementals/differentials until the next full backup. Saving just the full backups will purge the backups between the fulls. Hope this helps!



    Profile photo of bhashwar B.
    bhashwar B.

    What if i have Granular and Platform backups which both has full backups running on same storage policy? Is it going to retain full backups out of both types of backups?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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