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Converting PIA Templates for use in APIA

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    Perry D.

    Do you already have an existing PIA template that you use in your organization, and wish to get it into APIA? The solution natively can import and export templates that are in XML format, but we realize that most organizations have templates that are in Word, Excel, or PDF.

    To that end, we would like to offer to convert your templates for you. You simply supply us with your existing template in whatever format you use, and we will convert it and send it back for you to upload into APIA (this is done in the Question Collection section). This will automatically add your questions and categories into your Question Bank for future use, as well as give you the organized Collection for immediate use in a PIA project.

    Interested? Please contact me ( and I will be happy to work with you. In return, if your template is generic and does not include anything unique or proprietary to your company, we would ask if you would be willing to allow us to submit the template to IAPP for inclusion in the community resource section of their website ( But if for some reason you would prefer not to make your template available to others, that’s okay, too, as we completely respect your privacy wishes.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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