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City of Adelaide IT Modernisation with Office 365

Learn how the City of Adelaide migrated over 30 GB of data to SharePoint Online in 4 days while providing 24/7 availability to their 800 users anytime, anywhere with AvePoint DocAve Migrator and DocAve Content Manager.

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City of Adelaide

Veidekke ASA Cloud Backup

Learn how Veidekke, the largest Norwegian construction and civil engineering company, gained a backup solution they can rely on, as well as a primary platform for collaboration with AvePoint Cloud Backup.

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How Sitowise Solved Their Office 365, SharePoint Online Backup Challenge

Learn how Sitowise, a Finnish company formed through the merger of the Wise Group and Sito Oy, backed up their data in Office 365 with Cloud Backup and moved into a widely-accessible, document management portal with FileShare Navigator.

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German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) Backs up, Migrates Intranet to SharePoint® 2013 with DocAve®

Learn how DKFZ, a German cancer research center fully backed up their data in SharePoint 2007 and migrated their Intranet to SharePoint 2013 successfully with AvePoint DocAve.

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Sysmex Secures Office 365 Environment, Reduces IT Burden with AvePoint Online Services

Learn how Sysmex, a healthcare company based in Japan, migrated to SharePoint Online - Office 365, created a secure internal/external collaboration platform, and reduced IT burden with AvePoint Online Services.

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LPBK M-V Enhances Microsoft® SharePoint® Content Reorganization and Reporting Capabilities with DocAve®

Learn how LPBK M-V used DocAve to reorganize SharePoint environment with full fidelity and generate usage reports on consumption of internal communications.

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Atea Backs up, Ensures GDPR Compliance of 1 TB Microsoft® SharePoint® Deployment with DocAve®

Learn how Nordic IT organization Atea used DocAve to back up its 1 TB hybrid SharePoint deployment and ensure its environment is GDPR compliant in time for May 25, 2018.

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Nordson Moves 400 GB from SharePoint® 2007 to Office 365® with AvePoint Migration as a Service (MaaS)

Learn how Nordson migrated to SharePoint Online - Office 365 with AvePoint Migration as a Service (MaaS), saving a total of 240 hours of employee time.

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Portiva Migrates 4 TB of FrieslandCampina’s SharePoint® 2007 Data to SharePoint® 2010 and 2013 with DocAve®

Learn how Portiva helped Friesland Campina to migrate 4 TB of their SharePoint data to SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 with AvePoint Solutions in no time.

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Westdeutsche Lotterie Moves, Backs up, and Granularly Recovers Microsoft® SharePoint® Content with DocAve®

Learn how Westdeutsche Lotterie's IT team scheduled automatic backups and moved SharePoint content with full fidelity in less time using AvePoint solutions.

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Westdeutsche Lotterie