In a recent blog post from Microsoft, Julia White, general manager for the Office Product Management team, discussed inquiries from customers regarding the future of Microsoft SharePoint on-premises. With the rise of cloud technologies and the encouragement for enterprises to move toward tools like Office 365, organizations have questioned the future of current on-premises or hybrid deployments – and some have even wondered if they will be forced to transition to “cloud only” in the upcoming years.

Despite these concerns, Microsoft plans to continue to support its on-premises and hybrid customers – as does AvePoint. Since the release of DocAve Online in 2013, AvePoint has adopted this push to the cloud and provided support to our customers looking to join the movement – serving nearly two million Office 365 users with AvePoint Online Services. However, we have and will always remain committed to our longstanding on-premises SharePoint solutions. More importantly, with our full range of on-premises, hybrid, and cloud-ready management solutions, AvePoint offers a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS), product-centric services approach to help our customers take that journey from on-premises, to hybrid, to fully cloud deployments.

From Tahoe to today, AvePoint has been working with SharePoint since its inception in 2001 – and we will continue this support as the platform evolves to fit customer needs. As the ways organizations work change over time, we aim to enable enterprise collaboration in every way possible by connecting people with information across platforms, across devices.

Our continued work with SharePoint on-premises and hybrid environments is evidenced by our upcoming release of DocAve 6 Service Pack 5, slated for later this month. DocAve 6 users and administrators will see updates designed to amplify their reporting, data protection, governance, and compliance capabilities for on-premises and hybrid environments.

For more information on how AvePoint enables enterprise collaboration across platforms and devices, please visit our website or contact one of our sales representatives today.