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Dux Raymond Sy

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Top Concerns with Hybrid SharePoint: Third-Party Solutions

Hear what Christian Buckley has to say about the ecosystem of third party solutions in hybrid SharePoint

Top Concerns with Hybrid SharePoint: Customizations & Branding

Hybrid is a major buzzword in the tech community these days and Hybrid SharePoint usage is on the rise. Read what CollabTalk's Christian Buckley has to say about customizations and branding in hybrid environments.

Building a Framework of Accountability: GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation will be here before you know it. Don't get caught off-guard. Be proactive, be smart, and be ready.

Guest Access in Microsoft Teams: Is it a Big Deal?

Loryan Strant offers his two cents regarding the impact of guest access within Microsoft Teams!

The Road to #MSIgnite with @sethjuarez: It’s all About AI

Hear what Microsoft's Seth Juarez and I -- Dux Raymond Sy -- have to say about all things artificial intelligence and developments in the cloud leading up to #MSIgnite!