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Microsoft’s Free Azure BLOB Container for Office 365 Migrations: What is it and How...

If you didn’t already know Microsoft provides a free Azure Blob Container to companies migrating to Office 365, now you know! Find out exactly what you get with your free Azure Blob Container, and more importantly—how to you secure one for your migration.

Top Concerns with Hybrid SharePoint: Customizations & Branding

Hybrid is a major buzzword in the tech community these days and Hybrid SharePoint usage is on the rise. Read what CollabTalk's Christian Buckley has to say about customizations and branding in hybrid environments.
AvePoint Cloud Arcade Office 365 Management

Planning Your SharePoint Service Delivery in the Era of Office 365

What are the pros and cons of moving to Office 365, and what are the factors you need to consider when choosing cloud, on-premises, or hybrid? We offer tips to help you navigate the decision.
AvePoint Cloud Arcade Office 365 Management

Top 5 Tips for Controlling Permissions and Configuration Across Your Hybrid Office 365 Deployment

We discuss strategies to properly control permissions and configuration in a hybrid Office 365 deployment.
AvePoint Cloud Arcade Office 365 Protection

Why Office 365 Policy Enforcement will Turn You into a Cloud Superhero

Get tips for your organization's governance plan for the Microsoft Cloud with Office 365 policy enforcement advice.

What are Office 365 Groups? One Question with Tons of Answers

It's a popular question and yields a a variety of answers. What are Office 365 Groups? Read this blog to begin your understanding!