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Blog Series: Checking Inventory & Taking Stock – Classify Your Information in SharePoint for Better Data Governance

We know that creating a well-constructed governance plan is a core task for any organization looking to establish good, controlled SharePoint deployments.

The scope of a SharePoint governance plan can be quite expansive, including:

IT Assurance – architecture, infrastructure, disaster recovery, service level agreements, and performance
Project Governance – project management and stakeholder management
Information Governance – information architecture and information management
Technology & Business Alignment – establishing business drivers and guidelines for usage
Continuous Improvement – continually improving established processes

However, your plan is just the tip of the iceberg. Plans and policies are great, but without the tools to enforce them, the plan will simply collect dust on your bookshelf.

For the purpose of series, we’re going to focus on the Information Governance facet of the governance plan, including Information Architecture. We will cover three common strategies for classifying SharePoint content to ensure that we are enforcing an appropriate level of:

Protection (security)

The three-part series, beginning tomorrow and with one new post each week, will include:

File Share Flashback – A Place for Everything, and Everything in its Place
Metadata – It Works for your iTunes and Photo Libraries, So Make it Work in SharePoint
Nature then Nurture – Understanding and Using Content Types ​


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