Saturday, October 24, 2020
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What Can SharePoint Remote BLOB Storage Do for You?

Product Manager Rebecca Wang how SharePoint Remote BLOB Storage helps customers save on storage costs.

Enhance Office 365 Management with 4 New Features for DocAve Online

Sr. Product Manager Shyam Oza shares how the latest release of DocAve Online enhances Office 365 management with more security and administration features.

How to Reduce the Burden on IT and Involve Content Owners in Your Next SharePoint Migration

Product Manager Arthur Lynn explains how the latest feature in DocAve Governance Automation can help simplify your next SharePoint migration.

Get Started with Simplified Office 365 Management Today: Introducing the DocAve Online “Buy Now” Button

With the new DocAve Online "Buy Now" button, you can access the benefits of simplified Office 365 management immediately.

Office 365 Migration at the Speed of Now: Introducing DocAve High Speed Migration

Product Analyst Jasmine Floyd shares how DocAve High Speed Migration enables you to overcome typical limitations that come during Office 365 migration.

Enhance SharePoint Records Management with DocAve’s New Content Lifecycle Management Capabilities

Field Product Manager Edmund White discusses how the release of DocAve 6 Service Pack 6 offers enhanced flexibility within SharePoint records management policies.




How to Keep Microsoft 365 Data Compliant With Local Regulations (Case Study)

Do you have data retention laws your organization needs to abide by? Here's how to ensure your Microsoft 365 data stays compliant.

What Project Cortex and SharePoint Syntex Mean for Records Managers

Are you a Records Manager and want to harness the full power of Project Cortex and SharePoint Syntex? Click here to learn how to get started.

Smart Data Governance Lessons Worth Learning From the CMMC

Work in the Public Sector and need help with data governance and security? Click here for some insights gleaned from the CMMC.