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IT as a Service in Cloud Services

Learn about some of the ways that IT as a service with Cloud Services can help your organization's management of Office 365.

Awesome #Office365 Resources For #Dropbox, #Box and #Google Customers Looking To Switch To #OneDrive

A compendium of AWESOME resources to help Dropbox, Box and Google customers looking to take advantage of Microsoft’s limited time OneDrive offer

The Latest Microsoft Teams Updates: App Store, Personal Views, & More!

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Sustainable Adoption in Office 365: What you Need to Know

One major concern I hear from organizations looking to make a move to Office 365 is adoption. Will my users buy in? How can I help ensure that they do?

Get GDPR Compliant FAST: Some Info on the Forthcoming Data Regulation

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is coming in a hurry (May 25 2018). Learn what you need to know to get compliant quickly

How to Manage Potential Chaos in Office 365

Learn some tips and tricks to manage potential chaos within your Microsoft Office 365 environment. Empower your users and mitigate disruption




5 MORE Must-Have Apps in Microsoft Teams

Are you on the hunt for new Microsoft Teams apps to add to your tenant? Click here for another 5 must-have applications anyone can leverage.

Which Tool When: Microsoft Lists, Planner, Tasks in Teams, or To Do?

Unsure which Microsoft 365 task management tool to use when? Here's Matt Wade's advice on using Microsoft Lists, To Do, Tasks in Teams and Planner.

Microsoft Teams Cloning: The Copy and Paste of Teams

Click here to learn how you can leverage the full power of Microsoft Teams cloning to suit your organization's needs.