Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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The Top 4 Concerns You Need to Address for Foolproof Office 365 Backup

We share how to address Office 365 backup concerns and ensure business continuity in the cloud.

3 Steps to Prepare for a Better Office 365 Migration

Understanding your source content is critical to making decisions about your Office 365 migration. Discover how to properly analyze and classify your data.

Office 365 Compliance Features and Your Ability to Protect Your Environment

We explore Office 365 compliance features that can help you ensure data privacy in our cloud environment.

What’s New in SharePoint 2016 | SharePoint 2016 Round Table Q&A

What’s new in SharePoint 2016? How will it affect older versions? Is now the best time to switch? Learn more in this SharePoint 2016 Round Table Q&A!

One Step Closer to the SharePoint 2016 Release Date

Today, Microsoft announced that SharePoint Server 2016 reached the Release-to-Manufacturing (RTM) stage.

5 Steps to Optimize Your Office 365 Migration Project Plan

From pre-planning and execution to post-migration, discover common Office 365 migration pitfalls to watch out for, and learn how to overcome obstacles you'll meet every step of the way.




How to Efficiently Manage SharePoint Site Designs & Scripts

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GDPR Compliance: Why Multi-Geo Tenancy Matters (Case Study)

Are you in the process of becoming GDPR-compliant? Click here to learn how Laser Clinics leveraged cloud backups for great success.

When to Upgrade From E3 to E5 for Stronger Microsoft 365 Data Protection

Are you considering upgrading from an E3 to an E5 plan for stronger Microsoft 365 data protection? Click here to learn when to make the move.