Hey y’all! Dux here for another edition of Dux Quax from Microsoft Tech Summit Sydney. I’m here with Kim Kischel, Product Marketing Manager for Office 365 with Microsoft. Join us as we chat about Microsoft Tech Community, Tech Academy and more!

Dux: Hey, everybody. I’m here at Microsoft Tech Summit Sydney.

Kim: I’m Kim.

Dux: Kim! Why should people check out Tech Academy? What’s Tech Academy?

Kim: Tech Academy is a brand-new platform that we launched about a month ago. Think of it like an aggregator for all of our different IT pro learning platforms. Whether it’s Channel 9, Microsoft Mechanics, we are basically bringing them together in one single place with curated learning pathways and all of the individual items in a content library. If you want to stay up to date with the cloud, this is your one place to go.

Dux: Awesome. How can people get to Tech Academy? Do they go to it by itself, or go to Tech Community? How can they get there?

Kim: Both work. We’re integrated with the Tech Community, which is amazing. If you’re already signed up there, you already have an account with us, as well. We’re in the same menu bar. Just check it out. Go to techacademy.microsoft.com or go to techcommunity.microsoft.com, and you will always find us.

Dux: Awesome. As always, thank you, Kim.

Kim: Yeah, thank you.

Dux: See you!