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What I love about Microsoft Collaboration Tools

What I Love About Microsoft Collaboration Tools

In the spirit of the holiday, check out all the reasons I love Microsoft collaboration tools. Learn why I love everything from Office 365 to Microsoft Teams

Move Feature in SharePoint, Office 365, and OneDrive for Business

A new ‘Move’ feature will allow users to freely move content anywhere in Office 365, SharePoint and OneDrive for Business. To end users, this will offer greater freedom than the ‘copy’ feature, which has already been released.
gdpr compliance

What is IT Governance and Why Your Organization Needs It Today

Curious about the concept of IT governance? Check out this post that will give you a background of the topic as well as some best practices and strategies for your organization moving forward
GDPR compliance Data Security

How to Check for GDPR Compliance in AvePoint’s Compliance Guardian

Learn how to use AvePoint's Compliance Guardian to check for GDPR compliance. Get ready for the EU's forthcoming data privacy regulation!
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11 Ways to Be More Secure and Compliant in 2018

Learn tips on compliance and data security within your organization for the new year. mitigate the chance of breaches, especially with the forthcoming GDPR.

IT as a Service in Cloud Services

Learn about some of the ways that IT as a service with Cloud Services can help your organization's management of Office 365.