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S1 E1: Power Platform at Heathrow Airport with Samit Saini

Welcome to the very first episode of the #ShiftHappens Podcast! In this episode, learn how Samit Saini went from a security officer at Heathrow Airport to IT Office 365 Solution Specialist who personally inspired Satya Nadella.

Samit joined the security team at Heathrow at just 16 years old. During his time working as a security officer, Samit noticed challenges that could be solved through the Microsoft Power Platform. With no IT background, Samit learned PowerApps to build an application that would solve the obstacles Heathrow was facing.

Through his efforts, Samit brought a major shift in how Heathrow approaches app development, leading to more than $792K in savings and cutting down on over 288 hours of manual input data.

Learn more about Samit’s inspiring story in this episode of #ShiftHappens.

Hear from Samit Saini firsthand at the #ShiftHappens Conference 2020!

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