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S1 E3: Office 365 Adoption at Major Grocer with Becky Goodman

Becky Goodman cut her teeth on SharePoint 2010 and now she’s leading the charge to promote adoption of Office 365 to more than 200,000 users.

For Becky, getting to Office 365 was only half the battle. Once there, she needed to face the challenge of spearheading sustainable adoption in her organization. This meant learning and teaching how to use all the collaborative tools available in Office 365 to leadership and end-users while keeping the usage consistent across all retail centers.

In her experience, Becky realized that she needed to understand how users were using the platform as well as the apps and resources available. This was a process she found difficult but absolutely critical.

In this episode, learn how Becky managed change, found new training paradigms and put forth a “usability first” mindset in order to promote adoption of Office 365.

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