Wednesday, September 30, 2020


Hosted by

Dux Raymond Sy

Microsoft MVP & Regional Director

S3 E1: Office 365 in the UNSW Classroom with Dr. David Kellermann

Want to create a collaborative environment across Microsoft Teams and Office 365? Listen to how Dr. David Kellermann did it in this podcast!

S2 E7: Azure + DevOps at H&M with Jakob Knutsson

Join AvePoint CMO Dux Raymond Sy as he talks about leveraging the power of the cloud with H&M's Jakob Knutsson in this week's podcast episode!

S2 E6: Rapid Microsoft Teams Deployment at METC with Jeff Godderz

Jeff Godderz was able to move his local government entity to the cloud and into Microsoft Teams right before the COVID pandemic. He talks about the challenges they are tackling around...

S2 E5: Office 365 “as a Service” at Deloitte with Rob Foster

Rob discusses how Deloitte manages the pace of change, creates accountability through charge-back models, and his teams’ best practices for overseeing a large, advanced deployment of Office 365. Subscribe where you get...

S2 E4: Microsoft Teams at Global Franchise Food Chain with Jaime LaPorte

Jamie played a key role in helping one of the largest companies in the world adopt Microsoft Teams. Hear the strategies that worked, the challenges she faced, and the insights she...