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Outsmart the Chaos with New Features for the AvePoint Meetings App for SharePoint

We’re inundated with information every day – especially in the workplace. The management of our collaborative efforts and related data has become a juggling act, and there’s less and less time to organize it all. Organizational transparency has become a corporate trend, yet companies still struggle to break out of the box and facilitate open communication that is so vital to business success. On top of all this, many organizations are still using email as their primary collaboration tool.

These are the pain points that led to the development of AvePoint Meetings 3 Service Pack (SP) 2, our Microsoft SharePoint productivity app that allows users to make better, more actionable decisions by empowering them to document, audit, collect, and analyze business information efficiently. With several important feature updates, our latest release of the AvePoint Meetings app for SharePoint improves usability, speed of collaboration, and the auditability of key information.

Enhanced Outlook Integration

Employees shouldn’t have to depart from their work ecosystems, or the platforms and clients they’ve grown accustomed to utilizing, to be more productive. Seamless integration of AvePoint Meetings with SharePoint and Microsoft Outlook eliminates the need to toggle between numerous external applications. Our new Outlook plugin further extends AvePoint Meetings’ integration so users can create new meetings directly from the client and sync with the Outlook calendar.

In AvePoint Meetings 3 SP 2, meetings can be created directly within Outlook.

Touch Support

Microsoft estimates that touch-enabled Windows 8 devices account for 80 percent of the PC market. Touchscreen PC support has become an expectation for end users, and AvePoint Meetings 3 SP 2 delivers. The app interface has been redesigned with slicker touch capabilities so users can perform all functions effortlessly using the modern devices that help them be more productive on the go.

Enhanced touch support enables AvePoint Meetings users to be more productive on the go.

Enhanced Search and Transparency

AvePoint Meetings has many explicit functions and benefits, but less apparent are its documentation capabilities and robust post-meeting auditing and discoverability features. The app’s metadata manager allows advanced editing and configuration so users can tailor search information not only to their needs, but to their organization’s taxonomy as well.


Adding configurable metadata in AvePoint Meetings 3 SP 2.


First and foremost a transparency tool, all elements in the AvePoint Meetings space – agendas, actions, notes, assignments, and attachments – are capable of being searched. Results can be narrowed by any helpful details, such as company, department, product name, date, and location. The app also aggregates meetings data and usage trends into a consolidated dashboard, and these reports can be exported for stakeholder review.

AvePoint Meetings 3 SP 2 collects data and usage trends on a consolidated dashboard.

Get Started with Meetings Today

Ready to try AvePoint Meetings today? Download the app from the Office 365 store or download a free trial of the on-premises version.

Have a question about AvePoint Meetings or our latest update? Leave a comment on this blog post or join the conversation in our AvePoint Productivity & Mobility Software Forum.


  1. Greg

    You discuss Outlook Integration, does that carry over allow for meeting scheduling through active sync devices as well, such as IOS, Android and Windows phones and tablets?

    • That is a great question Aaron. I am curious about that as well, if it will work with Blackberry active sync.

    • Excellent question Aaron, I’m also very curious how to deal with multiple platforms and giving an uniform approach.
      Can for example also Outlook Web Access have AvePoint Meeting integration or is this planned to become available (including in O365)?

    • Hi Aaron,

      Currently, Meetings only syncs with the Outlook client (Windows desktop & tablet). The Meetings application we plan on rolling out later this year will make it possible to sync across all devices, including phones, that run Outlook 2013 SP1+.

  2. I understand the need for analytics around a lot of things… I wouldn’t have imagined the need for meetings… but if this gets someone in upper mgmt to incentivize agendas on all meetings, keeping meetings short, etc… I’m all for it.

  3. I know this product is for Office365 only. Is there plan to have this product for the on premise type SharePoint environment?

  4. This is an interesting idea, to give meetings more purpose and actionability. I like the easy integration with Outlook, but wonder about any case studies to show how this could drive adoption.

  5. I like the concept of the dashboard. We’re always in the dark as to whether or not our plug-ins are really used, and worth the investment.

  6. This is great! We wrote something like this in 2002 in ASP. Would love to see it evolved and integrated into SharePoint 2013 On-Prem. Please bring info to Ignite!

  7. Analytics on meetings is a great idea! Time is money and this would help people understand whether the meetings are valuable. I wonder how the metadata management would enhance the Delve / Office Graph experience!

  8. ´m also interested in the plan for an on-premise version. Are ther eany differences in the office365 and on premise version?

  9. Nice GUI! Really like the clean chart and wide layout.

    One barrier for me coding SharePoint 2013 “apps” has been the backend half. JavaScript is great for presentation, but still working on WebAPI to get comfortable making database calls. For any other devs, check out http://www.getbreezenow.com/ because that seems to streamline the database CRUD coding.

  10. I’d be interested in seeing operational this at your Ignite booth, as well as see what apps you may have planned for the future.

  11. Please please please!!! do something like this to take attachment from emails, and save to Sharepoint with prompts to term store driven meta data!! It’s is frustrating sometime third-parties make the most obvious things work, whilst Microsoft slow to launch practical feature like this meetings apps (meta tagging meetings properly). Well done!

  12. How is the mobile experience for the meetings site? Does it adapt to phone screen sizes? Thanks.


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