Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Guide: SharePoint and Flow Integration (Part 1)

Flow has grown a lot since becoming generally available a year and a half ago. Learn how to integrate with SharePoint to make your workflows more efficient.

Metalogix Was Sold, Switch To A Better Solution Without Incurring Additional Licensing Costs

We are pleased to announce the extension of our Metalogix switch campaign, effective immediately and concluding on September 30th.

Guide: Branding Consistency in Hybrid SharePoint Scenarios

Do you want to customize your SharePoint website but are having issues with the current branding options available? Click here to learn some helpful tips.

Knowledge is Power: How DocAve Report Center Can Save You Time & Money

Learn how DocAve Report Center will put you in a better position to upgrade to a new SharePoint version and prepare for cloud migration.
document libraries

9 Killer Features of SharePoint Document Libraries

SharePoint document libraries help separate your files to keep things tidy within a SharePoint site. Click here to learn about 9 of their best features.
sharepoint 2019

The Evolution of SharePoint: 2019, Spaces and Beyond

The SharePoint brand and platform is evolving. Click here to learn more about what we can expect from the future of SharePoint, SharePoint 2019 and beyond.
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