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Maximize Your On-Premises Investment with SharePoint Server 2016 and Microsoft Office 365 Hybrid Scenarios

Cloud computing has become a popular way to reduce capital and operational expenditures, renew IT innovation, and gain the advantage of more rapid software delivery to meet the needs of business. However, compliance, data sovereignty, sensitivity concerns, or a significant investment in customization may limit your organization’s ability to take advantage of this. Today you can maximize your on-premises investment by upgrading to SharePoint Server 2016 and using hybrid scenarios in Office 365 to seamlessly leverage the cloud.

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Data Security, Compliance and Management Today: From Dark Data to GDPR

In this day and age, your data is everything. For sales organizations, your data is customers, deal specifics, financial agreements, contracts — basically things that you’d REALLY rather not getting in to the wrong hands. If you’re in the healthcare industry, your data is patient records, prescriptions, and a million other things that could be the difference between life and death.