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Fed UP: Deploying Microsoft Teams in Your Agency (Part 2)

Do you work in the public sector and want to ensure your organization has a successful Microsoft Teams deployment? Check out this video for expert advice!

Australian Public Sector Records Readiness Report Observations

Last year, AvePoint worked with research firm Ecosystm to interview and find trends among 100 public sector records managers. Here's what we discovered.

Why Office 365 Backup is Worth Investing in (Case Study)

Are you on the fence about buying a backup solution for your Microsoft Teams tenant? Click here to learn why backup is completely worth it.

FedUp: Deploying Microsoft Teams in Your Agency (Part 1)

Do you need help getting started with Microsoft Teams in your federal agency? Click here to hear advice from experts Dux Raymond Sy and Roxy Ndebumadu.

CMMC Explained: What Security Pros in the Public Sector Need to Know

Are you confused by the recent CMMC framework released in January 2020? Click here for a full breakdown of everything you need to know.

FED UP: How Microsoft 365 is Empowering the Mobile Workforce

Check out this webinar on "Everyday Etiquette in Microsoft Teams in Government" This is the fourth post in our FED UP series. Check out our...




Securing Collaboration: How to Find Sensitive Content in Office 365 

Do you want to keep tabs on all sensitive data in your Office 365 environment? Click here to learn about native and third-party options.

Quick Overview: Microsoft Teams Information Protection

Are you new to Microsoft Teams and want to ensure your information is as safe as possible? Click here for a quick guide to get you started.

Microsoft Teams Group Chats vs. Team Collaboration

Are you unsure when it's best to use a Team or group chat to collaborate in Microsoft Teams? Click here for some helpful guidance.