Grow Your Security Practice with Elements’ New Risk Management Package

Post Date: 07/03/2022
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We’re already seeing what empowered cloud collaboration looks like. As the world adopts platforms that enable work from anywhere, today’s concern now shifts to managing control over the digital collaboration workspaces.

According to Gartner, one of the top security and risk management trends in 2022 is the rise of credential misuse as a primary attack vector.

This means that there is a heightened need for better access security—of which having access visibility plays a huge part.

As an MSP, what is your role in your customers’ security? Can you provide this type of visibility so your customers are better aware of the risks they need to prevent and remediate?

You can extend visibility and protection to your customers and simultaneously grow your service offerings by leveraging AvePoint Elements’ new risk management tools.

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Bringing in Added Value: Minimize Risk and Security Compliance

Last year, we introduced Elements’ risk assessment capability, an automated, data-driven insights report that surfaces potential security risks found in your managed tenants. With this framework comes more powerful visibility over access to your sensitive files, helping create a secure environment against breaches or overshared data.

The risk management package builds on those capabilities and provides customer intelligence to grow your security practice with value-added services. Configure, Enable, Remediate, Report. It also helps make onboarding and management more efficient so MSPs can win new customers and expand their loyal base.

The key areas of focus are as follows:

  • Configure actionable insights by scanning your workspaces to assess security and compliance issues
  • Enable built-in or customized templates with configured rules meant to target the issues with appropriate policies
  • Remediate risk issues through quick paths for fast response and delivery
  • Reports are generated pre- and post-configuration to continuously monitor your tenants’ status and for updated visibility over time

The beauty of this framework is how it can keep up as time goes by and risks evolve. Continuously enabling, remediating, and reporting your risk profile in a loop ensures proactive monitoring of your customers’ tenants, preventing risks before they can happen.

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Introducing Elements’ Risk Management Package

Powered by Insights, Policies, and Nitro, partners can implement the risk management framework with Elements’ new Risk Management Package.

With its key highlights, you can easily enable, remediate, and report all in one centralized solution:

Summarize Data Into Insights

Gather the relevant data from your customers’ tenants into actionable insights.

On the main dashboard, more detailed policy reporting is now available. MSPs can have a rolled-up view of customers’ compliance statuses, which can also be expanded to show further details of a customer’s assessment results.

Surface Compliance Issues

Utilize actionable insights to surface compliance issues that need to be addressed.

With clear labels for all the assessed information, a detailed risk report can be generated. This risk report can be run right within the summary report, consolidating all risk reports for a more centralized view.

Faster Onboarding With Nitro

Once you have mapped out the relevant details of your risks, easily remediate the gaps with automated policy implementation.

Nitro, our newest capability available through our Elements dashboard, makes it easier for partners to apply policies with built-in or customized templates, automatically applying pre-configured policies according to the appropriate rules that you’ve set up.


Nitro has three main components:

  1. Directory: Shows all customers with applied templates. From this focused view, partners can easily manage, apply, and monitor the templates of each of their customers.
  2. Template Manager: Built-in templates can be viewed or managed, while new ones can be customized according to your needs. If you’re a Policies customer, you can simply create or copy your policies into the templates so you have a more consistent policy application.
  3. Job Monitor: A central place to view all templates in use and by customer environment, as well as by compliance status.

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Once you have configured your templates, simply circle back to the insights dashboard to cross-check and regenerate reports to see if there are missed issues and gaps.

These reports continuously monitor your customers’ tenants to update you if the templates you applied still help them stay compliant or not. These are easily shareable as well so your customers can see which issues are addressed and which efforts you took to remediate them.

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These new risk management tools come with our commitment to strengthen your growth as an MSP as you build up and expand your service practices and navigate through the evolving needs of the modern workplace. With the updated Elements platform, you will have the tools you need to extend visibility and protection to your customers, growing your security practice with value-added services.

Find out more about what the Risk Management Package can do! Check out this walkthrough video or contact our Sales team directly to request a demo.

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