Top 5 Whiteboard Apps for Microsoft Teams Meetings

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4 Considerations for Collaborating Securely in the Public Sector

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4 New Features of Microsoft Teams You Might Not Know About!

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Available Today: NetApp SnapManager 7.1 for SharePoint

John Hodges, AvePoint Vice President of Product Management for Global Accounts, shares the importance of SharePoint 2013 support in newly released NetApp SnapManager 7.1 for SharePoint.

Optimizing Data Quality with AvePoint Productivity Suite for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Senior Director of Compliance & Dynamics Business Development Dmitry Kagansky explains how each product in the AvePoint Productivity Suite for Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers unique business value by optimizing CRM data and supporting end-users.

Introducing AvePoint Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Software Product Analyst Terence Orpilla introduces AvePoint's Microsoft Dynamics CRM product line, designed to increase productivity and reduce business impact on the migration and adoption processes to Dynamics CRM, while still delivering the functionality users expect in enterprise-class CRM solutions.

Introducing Meetings for Microsoft SharePoint 2013

Chief Architect and SharePoint MVP Jeremy Thake introduces Meetings for SharePoint 2013, AvePoint's latest product innovation for tracking meetings, which will be available in the Office Store at the end of March 2013.

To Opt-in or Opt-out is Still a Central Theme of Privacy

Robert Yonaitis, Vice President of Software Engineering and Standards, shares his key takeaways and favorite aspects of attending IAPP Global Privacy Summit in Washington, DC.

User Centered Design: Reflections on Designing for DocAve Governance Automation Service Pack 2

User Experience Designer Ting Zhi shares best practices for designing a cohesive, immersive, and desirable end-user experience and how that methodology was used in designing DocAve Governance Automation Service Pack 2.