microsoft teams

Microsoft Teams vs. Yammer: A Short and Sweet Guide

Learn when to use Microsoft Teams vs Yammer as well as some situations for which other collaboration tools or platforms are better suited
microsoft teams

Quick Guide: How to Manage Microsoft Teams Notifications

Are you tired of dealing with constant notifications from Microsoft Teams? Click here to learn some best practices to make them more managable.

Office 365 Groups vs Teams: How to Successfully Deploy Both

Pitting Office 365 Groups vs Teams has become a common misconception. Learn how to deploy and use Microsoft Teams and Office 365 Groups together to power collaboration in the cloud!


In AvePoint’s Own Words: Levi Lohnes

A guest post from Levi Lohnes, Vice President of Inside Sales, with his key takeaways after his first AvePoint Management Summit.

New Blog Series: In AvePoint’s Own Words

A new blog series featuring guest posts from AvePoint executives around the world sharing their passions for the global SharePoint community.

Public Records in the Public Cloud?

Enterprise Trainer & Evangelist Randy Williams gives his take on the mandate for all U.S. federal agencies to move to electronic records.

What’s New in DocAve 6: Storage Manager

Director of Education John Peluso explores one of the new products in DocAve 6 - Storage Manager.

Enter DocAve 6 – Stage Left

Heather Newman, Vice President of Global Marketing, draws a parallel between the thrill of putting on theater productions with her first product launch at AvePoint.

Win Prizes in Celebration of DocAve 6

Like AvePoint on Facebook and join DocAve 6 Trivia from January 17-20 for your chance to win.