Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Microsoft Teams vs. Yammer: A Short and Sweet Guide

Learn when to use Microsoft Teams vs Yammer as well as some situations for which other collaboration tools or platforms are better suited
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Quick Guide: How to Manage Microsoft Teams Notifications

Are you tired of dealing with constant notifications from Microsoft Teams? Click here to learn some best practices to make them more managable.


SharePoint Consultant Susan Hanley on Sustainable Adoption and the Future of Microsoft [Video Interview]

SharePoint MVP and consultant Susan Hanley talks to Dux about driving sustainable adoption, the buzz around SharePoint and the future of Microsoft.

Constellation Research’s Alan Lepofsky on How Microsoft AI Will Change the Way We Work [Video Interview]

Alan Lepofsky from Constellation Research chats with Dux about how the "new Microsoft" is using artificial intelligence to revolutionize how we work.

Microsoft’s Anna Chu Connects IT Pros Through the Microsoft Tech Community [Video Interview]

Anna Chu, Microsoft Tech Community Lead and Partner Marketing Manager talks with Dux about the new community hub for Office 365, SQL, and Azure.

Automated Data Classification with AvePoint Compliance Guardian

Data classification is critical for driving information governance. See how AvePoint Compliance Guardian automates the process across file shares, SharePoint, and more.

Your Office 365 Migration Plan In Five Steps [Free White Paper]

Your Office 365 migration plan broken down into five key steps that each play a pivotal role in the overall success of your Office 365 migration.

Microsoft’s Dan Holme Shares Customer Feedback on SharePoint’s Comeback [Video Interview]

Microsoft's Dan Holme, Director of Product Marketing for SharePoint shares with us what customers think about the new vision and roadmap for SharePoint on-premise, hybrid, and cloud.