Auditing in DocAve Report Center

In light of big data and compliance concerns faced by multiple industries, Software Product Analyst Rebecca Wang explains how Auditor Reports in DocAve Report Center help gather Microsoft SharePoint data to present it in a helpful and intelligible manner.

Microsoft SharePoint Accessibility Simplified with AvePoint Accessibility Accelerator (AAA)

Vice President of Software Engineering and Standards Robert Yonaitis explains how technical features of AvePoint Accessibility Accelerator (AAA) help organizations meet accessibility standards while reducing the need for labor intensive processes.

Achieve Your Microsoft SharePoint Accessibility Goals with AvePoint Accessibility Accelerator (AAA)

Vice President of Risk Management and Compliance Dana Simberkoff explains the benefits of AvePoint Accessibility Accelerator (AAA), which provides an innovative approach to empowering organizations to achieve their SharePoint accessibility goals.

Earth Day 2013 – Reducing Your Carbon Footprint by Embracing the Cloud

In light of Earth Day 2013, Vice President of Global Communications Christopher Musico shares statistics on how cloud computing can help sustainability and ways organizations can leverage it to become more green.

Introducing DocAve Online

Senior Product Manager Shyam Oza introduces DocAve Online, a robust software platform offering powerful administration, backup, and management capabilities to organizations utilizing Microsoft Office 365 -- SharePoint Online.

The Case for Remote BLOB Storage in Microsoft SharePoint 2013

Vice President of Global Account Product Management John Hodges explains why Remote BLOB Storage is still relevant in the age of Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and applications like Shredded Storage.