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How to Manage Office 365 Groups Using Native Admin and Governance Capabilities

With most controls left to your end users, how can IT manage Office 365 Groups? Here are the admin methods that are available natively in Office 365.

Behind the Scenes of Office 365 Groups with Microsoft’s Christophe Fiessinger

Exclusive access brought to you by The Microsoft Cloud Expert.

Ask an Admin: Day-to-Day Office 365 Groups Administration

Second guessing whether you or your team can handle having Office 365 Groups activated in your deployment? IT Admin James Bertram gives us a snapshot of what life is like managing Office 365 Groups.

Backup Office 365 Groups with AvePoint Online Services

Learn how to backup and restore Office 365 Group files and conversations using DocAve Online.

Managing Office 365 Groups with AvePoint Cloud Governance

See how Governance Automation Online uses simple self-service forms to strike that balance between enforcing governance over Office 365 Groups and getting your users what they need quickly.

Top Quax of 2016: Our Favorite Quotes from Microsoft Influencers

Our favorite quotes from our Dux Quax series featuring Microsoft and industry experts.




Securing Collaboration: How to Find Sensitive Content in Office 365 

Do you want to keep tabs on all sensitive data in your Office 365 environment? Click here to learn about native and third-party options.

Quick Overview: Microsoft Teams Information Protection

Are you new to Microsoft Teams and want to ensure your information is as safe as possible? Click here for a quick guide to get you started.

Microsoft Teams Group Chats vs. Team Collaboration

Are you unsure when it's best to use a Team or group chat to collaborate in Microsoft Teams? Click here for some helpful guidance.