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#ChewNChat Video: #LocoMoco, #SpamMusubi & Microsoft Search

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Hawaiian cuisine is an amalgamation of 5 different cuisines that reflect the diverse history of immigration and settlements in the Hawaiian islands. Common ingredients used in Hawaiian cuisine includes spam, beef, seafood, and taro. The most popular way of treating meat is by using teriyaki. All of this combines into a delicious combination of dishes that I was able to enjoy with my good friend Bill Baer.

Speaking of amalgamations, Microsoft Search is an amalgamation of the artificial intelligence that Microsoft gets from Bing and its deep insights to deliver a powerful search experience. Search allows you to search across every part of Office 365.

I’m with Bill this week in Las Vegas for SharePoint Conference 2019. If you want to learn more about SharePoint, be sure to check out a webinar Bill did with us on ensuring a seamless hybrid SharePoint environment.

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