#ChewNChat Video: #Matjessill and #Office365 Groups Governance

blue river fish seamless pattern. seafood concept geometric motif for background, fabric, wrapping paper, poster, menu cover.

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Matjessill, or pickled herring, is a common dish in a Swedish midsummer meal. Matjessill is usually prepared by storing herring in a barrel before it’s cleaned and prepared with a special seasoning consisting of sugar, cinnamon, spice, carnation, and possibly even sandalwood. This traditional dish can be an acquired taste, but when paired with Aquavit–a popular Scandinavian distilled spirit–the result can be delicious.

This reminds me of how Office 365 can be an acquired taste at first, but when paired with operational governance, it becomes fantastic for organizations! With that said, check out our free operational governance ebook to get the most out of Office 365. Skol!

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