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AvePoint Can Now Migrate Your Cloud Files at 100 TB/Day. Really.

Hey everyone! I’m excited to announce that AvePoint has added a new cloud file migration technology to our AvePoint Migration Platform (AMP).

Need For Speed

We’ve been able to migrate Dropbox, Box, G Drive, OneDrive and other cloud files for quite a while, but now we can do it fast. We believe it’s the fastest cloud migration technology available today, reaching speeds of 100 terabytes per day in real-world migration operations.

To put that speed into perspective, we’ve been able to move more than one file per user per second. That speed means you could have all your organization’s files in Dropbox today and in Office 365 tomorrow.

Go All-In with Office 365 & Consolidate and Kill Shadow IT

AvePoint thought this was an important capability to offer after listening to our customers and paying close attention to industry trends.

For example, one use case we are seeing more and more often is a cloud-to-cloud migration. This is the result of more companies today adopting and/or being born in the cloud. Now if there is a merger or acquisition–which is a constant in the business world–these organizations are often looking to consolidate their collaboration ecosystems within Office 365.

We’re also finding that more organizations using other cloud office platforms are increasingly attracted to Office 365’s interconnected services, collaboration tools, and security settings. These organizations tend to be in the tech space and skew younger, and when they want to move to Office 365 they want to move fast.

Unfortunately, shadow IT has existed just as long as enterprise IT. Shadow IT is technology being used for business purposes that have not been approved, authorized or actively managed by the IT department. This can be a major security and compliance risk for the enterprises.

Your organization almost certainly has some form of shadow IT, and it’s often in the form of one of the cloud office platforms above. If you want to shut down shadow IT and consolidate the files into Office 365, this can do it for you quickly.

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When to Go Fast vs. When to Do It Right

AvePoint has typically held that lift and shift migrations can be ineffective.

Our guidance hasn’t changed. A reliable discovery process is critical in the success of a migration project and future collaboration ecosystem.

That being said, we have a lot of customers who are facing outside forces that are driving a tight migration schedule. We’ve always maintained that there are indeed some scenarios where lift and shift makes sense.

If an organization has decided that this approach is right for them, AvePoint is the best at it. If a compliant or discovery migration makes sense for them, AvePoint is the best at that too.

Here’s some more guidance from my colleague Mary Leigh Mackie on how to determine which migration strategy might be appropriate for you:

Expert Guide: Which Cloud Migration Strategy is Right for Your Organization?

Additional AMP Investments

AvePoint has also continued its investment in other components of AMP for customers that need to move from legacy technologies, migrate modern collaboration spaces like Microsoft Teams and SharePoint sites, or require a sophisticated discovery process.

New features include:

  • Support for SharePoint 2019
  • User experience enhancements
  • Sophisticated Power BI dashboards to monitor throttling and performance
  • The ability to configure a migration database for access to detailed project insights
  • Additional features to pause, restart, or rerun only failed objects, and more.


AvePoint migration solutions have analyzed, classified and validated more than 9 zettabytes of data and moved more than 12 petabytes of data. The AvePoint Migration Platform supports more than 15 sources including:

  • Box
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Gmail
  • On-premises file shares
  • SharePoint
  • Slack
  • Teams/Groups
  • Other Office 365 instances
  • eRooms
  • Documentum
  • LiveLink
  • Lotus Notes
  • QuickPlace/Quickr
  • HP Trim
  • IBM File Connection
  • And more!

See It in Action

If you want to see what the industry’s fastest cloud migration solution looks like, visit our cloud migration page and request a demo or free trial today.

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Hunter W.
Hunter W.
Hunter has been in web development, SEO and social media marketing for over a decade, and has MCSA Office 365 & Service Adoption Specialist certifications. Throughout his career, he has developed internal collaboration sites, provided technical and strategic advice, and managed solutions for small to large organizations. Hunter is the President of the Richmond SharePoint User Group and works full time as Product Marketing Manager at AvePoint. He is a top contributor to AvePoint’s blog as well as CMS Wire and has been featured in over a dozen publications, most notably the Wall Street Journal.


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