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#ChewNChat Video: #TimTamSlam Your Way To Teams Adoption

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The TimTam is a brand of chocolate biscuits that are made in Australia. They consist of two malted biscuits that are separated by a light chocolate cream filling and coated in a thin layer of chocolate. They’re eaten in a popular method known as the “TimTam slam” where a consumer bites off a piece of opposing edges of the biscuit, uses it as a straw to drink hot tea, and then finishes the rest of the biscuit all in one go! The TimTam slam is a fun and unique way to drive adoption and consumption of this chocolatey biscuit.

Speaking of driving adoption, we have a variety of different resources that can help your organization adopt Microsoft Teams! Whether you attend one of our 90-day adoption workshops or watch one of our free on-demand webinars, we have the guidance you need to get everyone collaborating better in Teams!

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