Tuesday, October 27, 2020
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More Microsoft Teams Features Than You Can Shake a Stick at!

Loryan Strant breaks down some new features from Microsoft Teams, including new mobile app features

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Tips, Advice, and Use Cases from a Millennial!

How To Use Microsoft Teams: Tips From AvePoint’s Engineers

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Microsoft Teams is here! Are you ready to drive adoption?




How to Minimize Microsoft Teams Sprawl

Are your users creating more Teams than you know how to handle? Click here for a handy solution to help minimize Microsoft Teams sprawl.

5 Benefits of Cloud Consolidation With Microsoft 365

Learn how consolidating your cloud services with Microsoft 365 can offer serious benefits to your organization in the long run.

How to Keep Microsoft 365 Data Compliant With Local Regulations (Case Study)

Do you have data retention laws your organization needs to abide by? Here's how to ensure your Microsoft 365 data stays compliant.