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ShiftHappens Video: Pouneh Kaufman and Sara Bush on Microsoft Teams Migration

Are you currently using Skype for Business and think it might be time to make the move to Teams? Like here for Microsoft Teams migration tips and tricks.

#ChewNChat Video: Bánh mì, #Yammer tab in #MicrosoftTeams & #CloudGovernance

Check out the integration of the Yammer tab into Microsoft Teams and learn the tips needed to properly govern your Office 365 environments!
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Q&A: Achieve Microsoft Teams and Yammer Adoption ASAP

Are you concerned about how long Microsoft Teams and/or Yammer adoption might take? Here are some helpful Q&A's from Dux Raymond Sy's latest webinar.
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FREE #MicrosoftTeams Workshops Worldwide to Accelerate Your Business’ Success

Is your organization looking for a cost-effective way to learn all about Microsoft Teams? Find out about AvePoint's free Teams workshop series through 2019!
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Workshop Recap: Breaking Down Governance Concerns in Microsoft Teams

Do you need practical Microsoft Teams advice but industry professionals? Click here for a recap of a stellar 2019 Microsoft Teams governance workshop.
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Inside Tips for Boosting Your Organization’s Microsoft Teams Adoption (My Teams #8)

Are you struggling to figure out a solid Microsoft Teams adoption strategy? If so, click for inside advice from Microsoft's Rima Reyes!