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Microsoft Teams Best Practices: Calls and Notifications (Part 2)

Are you looking for ways to up your Microsoft Teams game? Click here for answers to questions about calling with Teams, managing notifications and more!
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#ChewNChat Video: Arròs negre, Culture Change with Yammer and Microsoft Teams

Learn how to increase your organizations adoption of Yammer and Microsoft Teams to foster culture with these webinars and workshops!
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How to Enhance External Sharing for Microsoft Teams

Do you have concerns when it comes to securely collaborating with outside organizations? Click here for a must-know solution.
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6 Expert Tips Organizations NEED to Boost Microsoft Teams Adoption

Have you had trouble getting your end users to gradually adopt Microsoft Teams? If so, click here for 6 expert tips that should help!

#ChewNChat Video: KFC, #MicrosoftTeams Workshop Paris & #SPFESTDC

Check out the Microsoft Teams adoption workshop in Paris to get your organization adoption moving forward! Also see the sessions coming to SharePoint Fest D.C. from APril 29th - May 3rd
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Your Yammer Is in My Microsoft Teams! The New Yammer/Teams Integration

Microsoft has just released an update to allow Yammer tab integration in Microsoft Teams! Here's everything you need to know (and why it's so important).