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Q&A: How to Move Users from Skype to Microsoft Teams

Are you having trouble getting your employees to move from Skype to Microsoft Teams? If so, click here for a handy Q&A and in-depth webinar.

#ChewNChat Video: Neapolitan Pizza, New Office App & Microsoft Teams Adoption Workshops

Check out the newest app from Microsoft, Office! Join us for one of our Microsoft Teams adoption workshops, coming soon to a city near you!

How to Create Bots and Optimize Your Microsoft Teams Environment (My Teams #9)

Are you looking for a professional overview of Microsoft Teams and specifically want to learn more about creating bots for the platform? Click here!

A Glimpse at the Architecture of Microsoft Teams

Have you always wanted to learn more about the architecture around Microsoft Teams? If so, click here for some highlights from the Ignite Tour session!

Inside Tips for Boosting Your Organization’s Microsoft Teams Adoption (My Teams #8)

Are you struggling to figure out a solid Microsoft Teams adoption strategy? If so, click for inside advice from Microsoft's Rima Reyes!

Which Tool When: #MicrosoftTeams or Yammer?

Do you find yourself at a loss of when to use Microsoft Teams and when to stick to Yammer? Click here to learn which tool to use when from Matt Wade!




3 Quick Tips for Creating Modern SharePoint Sites

Are you interested in upgrading to modern SharePoint sites but aren't sure where to start? Click here for a few basic tips you should know.

Office 365 Migration Approaches You Should Consider

Do you want to accelerate remote work in your organization? Click here for some insights on how to make it possible by moving to Office 365.

How to Save 4 Hours Per Week Managing Office 365 (Case Study)

Do you find yourself spending too much time trying to recover lost files in Office 365? Click here to learn how to get 3-4 hours of your week back.