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‘Mastering Microsoft Teams’ Exclusive Excerpt #3: How Office 365 Integration Works

Every wonder what O365 applications Microsoft Teams integrates with? Click here for a breakdown of SharePoint, Exchange, and Office 365 Groups integrations.

Q&A: Beginner to Super User: Top 10 Microsoft Teams Tips

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Office 365 Groups with Microsoft's Christophe Fiessinger & MVP Dux Raymond Sy

Behind the Scenes of Office 365 Groups with Microsoft’s Christophe Fiessinger

Exclusive access brought to you by The Microsoft Cloud Expert.
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When do I use Microsoft Teams vs. Other Collaboration Tools?

These days it can be tough to know what collaboration tool will best serve your needs. Microsoft Teams vs. Skype for Business? Slack vs. Yammer? This helpful infographic will hopefully give you a better idea of when to use what.
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4 Vital Microsoft Teams Adoption Questions Answered In-Depth (My Teams #10)

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Migrating to Microsoft Teams: Don’t Forget About File Shares!

Are you planning a Microsoft Teams migration but haven't factored in file shares yet? Here's why it's worthwhile to consider.