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Q&A: The Top 5 Microsoft Teams Challenges

Did you miss Dux Raymond Sy's latest recent webinar on Microsoft Teams? You can get caught up with the answers to the best audience questions right here.
microsoft teams

Guide: How to Get Started with Microsoft Teams Templates

Are you tired of creating a new team from scratch for every facet of your organization? Let's see if Microsoft Teams Templates can help remedy that.

Q&A: SharePoint, Office 365 Customizations and Bots

Learn how to streamline your business by creating custom workflows, Bots and automated processes in SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams and Office 365 with this Q & A from our recent webinar, "Bots, SharePoint Customizations & Office 365 Workflows, Oh My"

Q & A: Why Microsoft Teams and Yammer are Better Together

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Microsoft Teams and Yammer Working Together: Why it Matters and How it Can Help...

Teamwork is crucial for the success of any enterprise, and the same holds true for software as well. Quite often, softwares can be improved or tailored to specific needs with the addition of complimentary software. Or, in the case of Microsoft Teams and Yammer, they can be part of the same overall suite of tools that are all meant to function as complements to each other.

Happy Birthday Microsoft Teams!

Learn what we learned in the year since Microsoft Teams was released -- Microsoft's chat-based collaboration platform