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#ChewNChat Video: #HuevosRancheros, #MicrosoftTeams Shifts + #ShiftHappens Conference

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Huevos rancheros, literally meaning rancher’s eggs in Spanish, is a rural Mexican dish that originated on ranches and farmhouses in Mexico. These tasty dishes generally consist of eggs, beans, rice, and potatoes with tortillas. These are typically just the base ingredients though, and different regions with Mexican influence will have their own special sauces to accommodate the dish. I personally love Silver Diner’s spin on it!

Speaking of huevos rancheros and all the things that make it such an amazing dish, there are so many components to organizations and how everyone, from firstline workers up to the CEO, need to communicate and collaborate better. Microsoft has made this possible with the latest “Shifts” Microsoft Teams feature aimed at supporting firstline workers.

If you want to learn more about how organizations are using Microsoft to help with Digital Transformation, sign up for the Shift Happens 2019 conference in June!

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