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Microsoft Office 365 IT admins

Why IT Admins Can’t Think in a Siloed Fashion Anymore

As more organizations are moving to cloud-based services, the world of access and identity management is becoming even more important for security and content management. In traditional on-premises services, exchange, file shares, SharePoint, chat services were all independent applications managed by specific teams with their own experts.

11 Steps to Ensuring Your Active Directory Identity Management Works Securely

Most of us only worry about our ID when we need to prove to others who we are. In the online world, we actually do this on a regular basis. This process affects you more directly than you might think. Whether you login to Facebook, Gmail, or Microsoft Office, you’re proving your identity to a system and that you are who you say you are.

Q&A: SharePoint, Office 365 Customizations and Bots

Learn how to streamline your business by creating custom workflows, Bots and automated processes in SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams and Office 365 with this Q & A from our recent webinar, “Bots, SharePoint Customizations & Office 365 Workflows, Oh My”